Posted by: ~KC~ | August 10, 2007

Faith vs. Faithless

I think that wherever your journey takes you, there are new gods waiting there, with divine patience – and laughter ~ Susan M. Watkins

Growing up, I spent a lot of time judging others as ‘condemned’ or ‘unworthy.’ I was a Jehovah’s Witness and if you understand anything about that faith – unless you are a JW – you will perish at Armageddon unless you convert.  You are not saved in the eyes of Jehovah – their Christian God’s Hebrew name – and therefore condemned to eternal death, with no chance of living in Paradise. 

Even though this didn’t feel right in my soul (still doesn’t) growing up, I continued with this sense of superiority, as though I was better than most.  Not that my life was any better – trust me when I say it wasn’t.  But when you grow up with that programming, even if you don’t necessarily believe it’s teaching – you take on a lot of that belief system.  It was very humbling when I left the sanctuary of its Kingdom Halls and into the world.  I was far from superior and very naïve to the ways of it.  It was my wake up call. 

One thing that stuck with me is… I grew up with condemnation – condemning others for their lack of faith and for what is perceived as the TRUTH – while being condemned by the world for having such a belief system and sharing it with the world.  There was no winning in this situation.  Still to this day… the world wages war against those who have a faith of any kind, while those of faith wage war in the name of a god against the faithless.  Damned if you do… damned if you don’t. 

We spend so much of our time condemning others for their belief or lack of belief systems that we are forgetting to live our own truths.  TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE To live within our own belief systems means to put it to love and let ‘God” heal those who need help – not condemn them.  For those who don’t believe – then what does it matter if someone believes something that you don’t?  They are not in court guilty of a crime.  They simply believe something other than you.  To judge them as anything else doesn’t make them bad…. It simply makes you as someone who judges.

Sadly many Churches have taken a much more political role rather than teach the basic principles of spirituality.  That is why I have disassociated myself from all things RELIGIOUS.  Churches of all denominations – temples & mosques – have all taken to condemning people, teaching fear and intolerance… perhaps even ignorance.  This has turned many people against GOD or even the resemblance of any form of divinity.  At worst, a crazy, fanatical cult leader destroys any resemblance of faith and makes it difficult to see the fundamental teachings/messages behind the words. We get so muddled with the actions of the few that we fail to tune out the crap and focus on the words.  Sure actions speak louder than words… but what does that say of you who condemn?  If we could simply get back to being more accepting and loving of ourselves, it wouldn’t be so difficult to be accepting and loving towards a neighbour who shares a different belief system.  It may not be yours… but it is theirs.  One isn’t any better than the other.  We condemn out of fear.  Walk through your fears… ask questions without condemning.  Educate yourselves about others and don’t be so rigid in your beliefs and thoughts. Stop being so fearful of the unknown… there perhaps would be less greed and wars in this world. 

Would we not be at a much better place if we could simply… live and let live?  We only have one life to live… don’t we all have better things to do than condemn one another?



  1. Hi KC…

    I understand your points totally.

    Religious thinking has caused so much damage. Too much damage.

    There is such a difference in knowing someone compared to knowing about someone.

    Be well, Greg

  2. I love the new place KC!
    I think it’s terribly sad when one religion announces that all others are the pathway to Hell. If those who are so hard headed would step back and look at all religions with an open mind then they would see that most are more alike than dissimilar.

  3. Judgment has been on my mind a lot lately. We do it too much and it ties into your latest post about failure too. I think we allow our worst judgments about ourselves color too much of how we perceive everyone else looks at us.

    I am not sure how wanting everyone else to think act and do the same as me has anything to do with my faith or my life sometimes. I do like that my church doesn’t teach that they are the only path to God. In any case it is a journey for everyone and God gave us free will, right?

    I like the new place and I’ve been double posting on Blogger and MSN for a while. It isn’t much work since I was using Live Writer and it posts to both. I have been considering completely ditching MSN but haven’t yet.

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