Posted by: ~KC~ | September 12, 2007

Britney vs. Weight vs. Expectation vs. The World

Society bashed Tyra Banks when she put on a few extra pounds after she ‘retired’ from modeling and then bashed her for loosing said pounds. 

We mocked Oprah for her weight… and mocked her attempts at loosing it and keeping it off.  We love her philanthropy but resented her for her affections and work in Africa. 

We applaud the ban on skinny models on runways but continue to hire 14 yrs old children to model clothes that are designed for size zero waists. 

We want beautiful people to adorn the covers of our magazines but that requires photo-finishing to meet societal expectations, creating false impressions of what is beautiful. Anything less simply doesn’t sell magazines and products.

We live in a world of conflicting messages.  We have our priorities messed up.  We are a shallow – shallow, superficial world to be looking at only the surface.  We find fault in all things outward – weight, color, creed, religion, ethnicity – the obvious truly isn’t the truth behind the stories.

Now – I am far from being a Britney Spears fan – even less so of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie.  They are far from the role models that I want for any young girl around the world to emulate, at this point in their lives.  But they are also not perfect and do what MANY young adults around the world do… perhaps just a bit more excessively than the average person.  It is also done under the microscope… holding up a mirror for some that don’t like what they see looking back at us.

But after Britney’s debacle at the MTV awards, I have to say that the backlash about her body weight is definitely NOT called for.  Call her out for poorly executed lip-syncing or the fac that she lip-syncs at all… call her out for her rusty showmanship or even her laughing at the fact that she forgot her own lyrics.  Call her out for her lack of professionalism… But to mock her for her weight… is uncalled for.

The fact of the matter is there wasn’t anything wrong with her body.  The girl just birthed TWO sons… and I’ll tell you straight up – if I could look like that NOW… let alone after two children… I’d be damn proud.  I think she looked fabulous… Yes.  She isn’t the Britney Spears pre-babies body… nor can we expect her to be anything but a young woman who has had two children.  This is the Britney Spears post-babies.  Now – her mothering skills are not in question here and that is a completely other topic all together.

What bothers me is that we bash actors/actresses for their sizes:  fashion models are too thin (what do you expect when you hire 14 years old girls to model clothes for the masses??), actresses are too thin… but in a jekyll and hyde moments, we turn on these demi-gods for being what society suddenly deems as … fat???  Did we forget to take our happy pills this morning or take a real good look in the mirror?  Where do we get the right to look at another and condemn them for their weight?  Yes – weight is a major issue in today’s society – the extremes and issues surrounding it should not be overlooked.  But we mock even in the in between and the healthy.

However, I question: do we have a sense of entitlement to these people and their physiques???  We do after all ‘pay their salaries’ to entertain us, feed their celebrity status… so does that make them our property, entitling us to berate them if they don’t meet societal demands???What are we doing to our children?  What impressions are we leaving on them by inconsistently telling them one thing and discounting the other?  If some regular day-to-day person were to be called FAT, mocked for their size, we would be outraged and crying discrimination or rudeness… But when it comes to celebrities… we hold them to a different standard.  Why?  Blame their PR Agencies to creating a ‘product’ or an ‘image’ to which we demand in our lives… not the person caught in the middle.

So before we go about bashing a mother of two for her little belly that look perfectly fine to me… creating confusing messages for our youths… how about we condemn these demi-gods for their self-destructive lives… teaching our kids to maintain a healthy self-image and weight, how to balance the social with the obligations of life and how to be compassionate and less judgmental – in spite of what is plastered all over the walls, in media??  How about personal responsibility and self-respect?  Teach them the importance of self-love and dignity… to look pass the surface and superficial and see the truth behind the masks.

That cannot be done until us as the adults in this lifetime… can do the same. 



  1. I will admit I called her out of shape but that was because usually Britney from past pictures had a toned body. Now she just doesn’t look the same. Your right we shouldn’t bash others for their appearance.

    I definitely think that the hollywood image of skinny model does more damage to little girls than any drug can. Kids are not being taught to love one self and to respect the diversity of bodies shapes that surround them. Not everyone can nor should look like a supermodel. Being yourself and loving yourself for who and what you are should be taught first and foremost to children.

  2. I couldn’t belive the way people were calling her fat. Okay maybe she’s not the hard body she was when she was 16 but who is? She’s had two babies in 2 years. For cryin’ out loud, I had one baby 3 years ago and I would trade bodies with her in New York Minute!! Her performance was horrible, from what I saw of it. (I listen to Country, so the VMA’s are Greek to me) The outfit was a bad choice, but to call her fat is ridiculous. And sends the message to teenaged girls everywhere that there is no such thing as too thin. And then people wonder why the US in particular has rampant eating disorder problems. This country has overeaters, bulemics and anorexics in abundance. From one spectrum to the other. Another thing was the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Anne Hathaways character was a SIZE SIX and was constantly referred to as fat, or big. Everything was 2’s and 4’s. That’s what you had to be to be considered pretty. At 5’9″ if I got down to a even a 6 I would look like a swizel stick!! Society needs to change. Girls today need REALISTIC expectations. Super skinny models and retouched photos make girls feel that they can never be pretty. OUr Finish daughter is BEAUTIFUL, but doesn’t think so. She thinks that she is fat, and ugly. It’s crazy.

  3. I wasn’t aware they were any jibes about her weight after the MTV Awards debacle, I guess I missed a few episodes of E! News.

    People in the public in the public eye are subject to mass adulation & loathing.

    Rightly or wrongly, it has always been the nature of the beast that is the entertainment world.

  4. She is not fat. She looks good. It is just a poor choice of clothing. Not too many people look good in a bra and underwear outfit. I have listened to her new song. I think she has back up singers that over sing her voice. She can’t sing anymore, she smokes. But with the control panel in the studio, they make her sound ok. She whispers and goans a lot in her music. She just needs to get advice on how to dress to make her look good, not like a slutt. I will never buy her music again. But the fact is, I don’t hardly buy any music anymore. If I want to hear music, all I have to do is turn on cable they have lots of music channels, or satelite radio or the internet.

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