Posted by: ~KC~ | September 17, 2007

Fickleness of Human Nature

The fickleness of human nature means constant chaos.  We are so inconsistent it surprises me that we are still alive.  Rare are the moments of absolute bliss… silent peace & harmony.  We don’t trust the silence.  We have failed to understand the meaning of peace.  And harmony is for the musically inclined. 

We spend so much time trying to prove ourselves to others that we never take an accounting of our own self-worth.  It is dependent on others perception – not our own truth. 

We crave the love and affections of others but fail to learn how to love ourselves first and foremost… all the while expecting others to automatically know and do it perfectly. 

We mistake lust for love and discount love when it is in our presence.  We fear its loss and push it away when it’s in our life.  We want, we take, we discard and we disregard.  The most precious is taken for granted and grieve the emptiness created by our own actions.  We learn much too late it’s importance and value. 

And yet… we forge on – full of naïveté, fuelled by fairy tales and Hollywood endings.  We ground our beliefs in the unattainable and reject the truth.  We fail to see cyclical patterns and lay blame elsewhere.  There isn’t a happy medium for all the reasons listed above. 

Humans are incredibly emotionally fickle. ***sigh*** 

That’s why… my next life, I will reincarnate as a cat.



  1. So ture KC. See you’re still writing the truth over here, keep it up.

    Maybe I’ll be a cat too!

    Have a happy Thursday!

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