Posted by: ~KC~ | September 22, 2007

Immigration Issues

How does the US administration deal with the ‘unwanted’… how does the US administration and various organizations cope with situations they create?  They send them to Canada.  And then – they blame Canada for what is deemed as lax policies and how we need tot take a much more stringent stances on various issues such as Immigration.  Til then, we are deemed as a threat to the world.  Nice.

So it appears as though the solution to the USA’s influx of illegal refugees/immigrants is to feed them lies and send them to Canada.  You don’t have to worry about Canada cracking down on illegal immigration… they don’t do that there.  You’re best to go further north… their stupid up there.  Oh… and they have free health care…  And so what do the illegals do?  They try to cross our borders to Canada.   

Nice.  Thanks.  Asswipe.

Don’t read this as though I have issues with immigrants.  I don’t.  The very foundation of both Canadian and American cultures is based on immigrants.  And these are the very same immigrants who fought for our freedom and independence.  They are our bloodlines and continue to be so.  In an arrogant way, we tend to forget that… and for some, they choose to forget.  I don’t…

My issue is once again the US administration and various US immigration organizations are using Canada as their scapegoat, while feeding lies and misinformation in the hopes of alleviating their own immigration issues and making illegal money in the process.  Again… all for a buck eh?  But what do Canadians know about that?.  We are the retarded cousins after all.  The US jumped all over Canada post 9/11 for what they deem as lax immigration policies and screening all the while allowing, AND being fully aware of, various terrorist organizations to enter their borders, train in their country and didn’t lift a finger to stop it.  No.  It’s Canada’s fault.  We’re stupid and know nothing about anything.  Eh?

The TruthTo immigrate to Canada is not an easy task.  We do crack down on illegal immigrants.  But is it easier to immigrate to Canada, become a citizen and live a normal life than it is to do in the US.  Damn straight it is, but don’t think it’s an easy process and not EVERYONE is accepted.  It is by no means easy.  It is heart wrenching, emotionally draining and very uncertain.  I kow because I went through this process with my ex who immigrated to Canada.  Everyone is looked at, scrutinized and investigated.  It takes time.  The system is not perfect… but we take care of our own and those who seek to be one of us.  We have a heart and use it.  We don’t send our unwanted or undesirables to the neighbours filled with lies and deceit.  We deal with our own, or send them back home.

But maybe… just maybe – we should adopt a much American way of handling our business.  Send them due South… after all… we are stupid that way… aren’t we?  No.  We’re not that cruel and ignorant.


CIC Canada has issued this warning/notice on their website:


People in the United States who wish to claim refugee status at the Canadian border

It has come to our attention that there are private individuals and organizations in the United States who are targeting certain foreign nationals and providing false or misleading information on how to claim refugee status in Canada.

This includes advertising of “special programs” for Haitians, Mexicans and other nationalities.

Please note that the Government of Canada has no special programs to fast track applications, give preferential treatment or grant refugee status to Haitians, Mexicans or other nationals seeking refugee status.

·         You cannot purchase admission to any immigration or refugee program to gain refugee status.

·         You do not need to purchase forms.

·         You cannot “exchange” U.S. documents for any type of Canadian “permit.”

People should be wary of all organizations or individuals who make such claims.

For more information: refugee protection in Canada. 



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  2. Okay, as far as this entry goes I cannot comment, because I unfortunately do not keep up with anything to do with politics or government, which is terrible I know and I someday want to learn, I really do.

    BUT the two entries before–I could not possibly agree with you more. Gosh the “emotional ficklenss” got to me. It’s so true. Every one I know including me…no matter how good we have it in a relationship…we try to sabotage it, sometimes knowingly…in little ways or big ways…hopefully tempered with a little common sense and forgiveness the problem never gets too big…

    Ach. Just my immediate thoughts.

    Have a great week!

  3. Hear, hear, sistah to the true north strong and free, eh….

    I personally hate the blame Canada schtick – it’s like, so old.

    Hey bye the bye, and i’se the b’ye…I’m loving the tunes on your blog – one day we will listen to tunes together, share a glass of wine and rant about the world’s problems in person.

    But anyhoo, let me say this about immigration – Canada is tough but relatively speaking, easily to immigrate to than say the US….however, back to your comment about foundations of a nation and all that, let’s compare the two economies and then speak again about the correlations between immigration and building economic prosperity. Many naysayers will claim the opposite – that immigration fosters increased social programs and welfare lineups…I disagree.

    Oh well, thus spoke the alien on US soil still awaiting a green card…..patience is a virtue, mais oui?

  4. I have noticed that americans have a condescending attitude toward Canada. I think personally we could learn a few things from canada, especially in terms of healthcare.
    The U.S. can’t blame Canada or any other country for 9/11. If they want to blame someone look in the mirror.

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