Posted by: ~KC~ | October 3, 2007

Pumpkin Thieves

I’ve heard of all sorts of robberies but… pumpkin thieves??? 


That I never heard of, and yet, for one of our local farmers, someone stole about 5,000 of his largest ripe pumpkins overnight, in what the police call a professional job.

Professional pumpkin thieves??  Seriously?  Who would have thunk…. 

The retail value of these pumpkins (street value, since apparently it has one) – $35,000.00 CDN.  To a farmer, who depends on his seasonal crops for make ends meet – that’s a big blow.  He’s out $10,000… loosing on a potential profit of $25,000.00 – something that he depends on to sustain his farm. 

Did you know pumpkins were that profitable?  Not me! 

I truly feel for this farmer.  It’s extremely violating to be robbed.  Something that he is accustomed too, but never to this extent.  Apparently pumpkins get stolen each year – but, never this amount and this was a professional hit.  The vines were cut – not ripped (making the fruit unmarketable when torn from the vines).  These thieves knew what they were doing.  This year, apparently pumpkin crops have been scarce… and the fruit, not overly large.  The thieves stole all of his larger pumpkins.  Larger pumpkins, are in demand this year… Making this heist even more devastating to the poor farmer.  I suspect however that farmers must have some form of insurance for their crops and he could possibly be covered. 

No matter – it’s a matter principle. 

What makes me sad is that the spirit of Thanksgiving is nowhere in sight in this situation.  This coming Monday, Canada will celebrate it’s Thanksgiving Day.  But to this farmer – his family and business will be hard hit.  The police are investigating this crime… but it seems completely ludicrous that someone would steal a crop of pumpkins.  Even more ludicrous is that there are professional crop thieves… and apparently, it’s a lucrative business. 

But then again – I’m not a thief.  Regardless of my love for pumpkin pie… I’m definately not a pumpkin thief. 

Read about it here.   

Support your local farmers this season by buying homegrown seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.  Some will need it more than others.



  1. I agree–that is pretty terrible. Why can’t people just EARN money? It’s not like they needed 5,000 pumpkins to feed their families. They’re just lazy and selfish.

    I loved that post you did about Britney. You should see my body post-baby. Not pretty. If I could look like Ms. Brit I’d be feelin’ pretty good.

    I’m logged in under my new wordpress ID, but I’m still deciding if I like my blog over there, so for now. . . I’m still at the barnyard.


  2. In Ohio kids would steal the odd watermelon or pumpkin out of a farmers field, but that was just a prank. That poor farmer. Something like that can make or break him. I hope that he has enough insurance to at least cover most of his losses. Maybe he should get some very large dogs to patrol his fields and bite the bums of such theives.

  3. Hi KC…

    It’s unfortunate that there are those that have no regard for others. The truth will come to the surface and the culprits will be caught.

    I love pumpkin pie too!!!

    Have a nice Thanksgiving and have a extra slice of pie for me, Greg

  4. Hi KC! Just finished reading some of your posts on this new blog – Love it! You’re all over the place with your topics and its so refreshing to read something that actually has something to say for a change!

    Pumpkin theives – professional no less – I agree – Who’d a thunk it???

  5. That sound terrible. Some people are just heartless.

  6. I love pumpkin pie, but my favorites right now are my pumpkin Kashi bars and my pumpkin creamer for my coffee. I had a friend once completely addicted to pumpkin and every year we had to go get pumpkin ice cream.

    Crop insurance is like any other, full of loopholes and other crap. That farmer may be super screwed. I hate how many people regard Agriculture as a substandard profession for idiots that deserve what they get. It is a tough business. To really make it you need to be educated, physically tough and smart.

    I’ll stop there before I go on too long…

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