Posted by: ~KC~ | October 9, 2007

Indian Summer

October… and we have just had our Indian summer in SW Ontario.  With highs of 30C (86F) and a humidex of 34C (93F)… turning on a hot oven to cook a bird was the last thing on my mind!! 

My father arrived on Wednesday and we moved him in this humidity.  I think we both sweat off about 10lbs in this heat moving him and his tools in… but it’s been an exciting few days… I love having him around – it’s made this house into a home now.  He’s reassured me he feels quite at home and that pleases me to no end.

So – with the record breaking heat waves we’ve just had… my neighbouring gardens are still in full bloom so at the request of a friend, here are a few pictures I have taken of some roses that are still in bloom.  The trees foliage is starting to change colors but still predominately green.  For now… this is all I will blog about – but I will have more later on, as my mind stops racing and my thoughts come to a comfortable jog…

White Rose

Red Rose

 Fall Foilage



  1. There’s nothing like the fall colours down east – and when it’s paired with hot weather, all the better – ours has arrived early, as always out west and Thanksgiving now is as much about being the lone door on the block to feature a cornucopia wreath in the sea of Halloween wreaths and decor that go up on October 1st here like clockwork, as it is about turkey. And stuffing. And pie.

    Hope yours was a gooder with your Dad.


  2. Okay, now that I weighed in on the breastfeeding thing I can say what I thought to say in the first place…Your dad is IN! Moving anyone anywhere is so exhausting. I hope you guys are getting settled and accustomed to each other and you have found some time in between all of it to relax–those pictures are gorgeous, especially the one of the trees with all the different color leaves…beautiful. I love fall. Toni

  3. K.C.

    Beautiful site and beautiful pictures! Belate Thanksgiving wishes. Glad that your dad is happily settling in. We have have been battling illness but are on the upward road. Please keep in touch…dear lady!

    Love and hugs,

  4. (I just mistyped my space name as white hog magik, that really cracked me up.)

    But back to my regular comment. I am so glad your dad is there. The garden pictures are lovely. We are starting to cool off a bit down here. The fall foliage is beautiful, we don’t get too much of it here.

    Happy belated Thanksgiving.

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