Posted by: ~KC~ | October 15, 2007

October… Month of the Woman

On October 18, 1929, under Canadian Law (thanks to the British Privy Council who overturned the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision at the time), a woman became a ‘person’ at last. Thanks to the pioneering spirit of Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Henrietta Edwards… who bravely fought the highest of the high for a woman to be recognized as a person, and not a possession. Gone were the days of the exclusion of women, a ‘relic of days far more barbarous than ours’, as stated by the British Privy Council.

Canadian women and women around the world have grown to accomplish great things, as a free person under the law. Revolutions occurred that continued to liberate women from the ties that bind, and yet, still till this day, many women are not free under the law. Many continue to be objects, possessions, lower than a dog on the totem pole of affection and regard, let alone the laws that govern them. And so we keep waiting… waiting for the world to change, as only John Mayer sings.

Women were once the matriarchs, rulers of the family. Men only went to war with the permission of the women they protected. Women were once revered and honored as an asset to the communities they resided in, as they were the future. Women give life, heal and nurture under her loving care. She is all-powerful.

And then came along Christianity. The fanticals sought out to control the world and throughout the inquisitions, women were demoted to nothing but an object, a possession under Christian rule and laws. Her power, her energy, her image was stolen, violated, discounted and disfigured. All in the name of ‘Christ.’

Yes – women are now persons but the stigmas attached to the Feminine are not. The unwritten rule is that a women is still belongs to her husband. Her life, her intellect, her sexuality, her body ” belongs to someone other than herself. Because she is legally bound to him under the laws of the land ” fed by antiquated religious laws. Then, with or without the bonds of marriage – she continues to be objectified by her sexuality alone. A woman’s body is taboo. Her breasts are sexual objects and obscene. Her vagina is a word that cannot be uttered without sheer horror of being caught and shuned. Her sexuality is labeled by the choices she makes. She is still an object, a possession by an unwritten legal rule still found in a book about a time, people and places long ago… also known as The Bible.

In 1929, strong and brave women fought for me to be a person. A person I am. I therefore own myself. I have the right to claim my body for myself. I have the right to claim my identity and image. My sexuality is strictly my own. I am not owned by a man nor a religion. I will be joined with a man but he will never own me. And I will never own him. For we are individuals under the law. My feminine energy is my own. His masculine energy is his own. No Church or organization has possession – be it emotional or spiritually – over me. No antiquated laws will dictate or label me as any one way or another. My history will not possess me. For I am a person under the law. I have earned the right to be ME. I have the right to own myself. And my sexuality. And the choices I make, I only will bare the consequences of them. And I dare you to label me as anything but a person. A person with a brain. A person with emotions and needs. A person with lust and love. A person with intellect and insights. A woman who lives her life with passion and lust and never looses an opportunity to seize life by the reins and go for an incredible ride.

I am a person under the law. I own that right. And I will live up to that right. So should you.

(Please don’t read this as a man bashing post… It is far from it)



  1. Go Nellie! Those chicks rocked. Think about it. Today, we could “pioneer” rights but it wouldn’t be a big deal. Back then it was huge.

    But we still have a long way, baby, before we get close to ditching this patriachal western society – actually most of the freeworld is patriachal so it ain’t just western….

    I say we all go find the mother goddess remains in Malta and dance semi naked around a fire, singing we are women, hear us roar. With lots of wine for fortitude of course.

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