Posted by: ~KC~ | October 16, 2007

Ban Smoking in Cars Carrying Children

I am not a Republican.  I am not a Conservative.  But I will applaud the bill that Governor of California passed – the ban on smoking in vehicles carrying children (this coming from a cigar loving Arnold Schwarzenegger).  Maine is leading the pact.

Finally!!!  Hopefully many other states will follow suit and Canada will start to take this more seriously.

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is pushing to have a similar bill passed banning smoking in vehicles that have passengers under the age of 18.  They are calling for a country-wide ban, including private vehicles, to protect children from second hand smoke.  The CMA is also calling for government regulations to reduce the amount of salt in processed foods, as well as the contents of energy drinks.  This also pleases me but I am beyond happy to hear that the CMA is pushing for the banning of smoking in vehicles where children are present.  Such enclosed areas put children at a higher risk of second hand smoke; in fact, it’s 23 times more toxic than second hand smoke in a house.  23 times.  The ministry points out that children are especially vulnerable to second-hand smoke. Their lungs are smaller, they breathe more quickly than adults and their immune systems are less developed.  Babies exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

It’s the states job to protect children.  Smoking is a known killer than has not been addressed, other than the ban of smoking in public places.  More has to be done.  I don’t know an adult who doesn’t know the harms of smoking – but to continue to put not only themselves in danger – but their children – then the state MUST step in to protect the children from their parents addiction and this killer.

The CMA, along with other recommendations, have suggested that the Canadian government take the revenue from tobacco taxes and reinvest that back into health care.  Education is an important part – but the tobacco companies should not be involved in that process.

I agree.

I speak as someone who is severely allergic to smoke.  I speak as someone who finds smoking revolting and disgusting.  I speak from the perspective of having watched my idiotic half-sister smoke during her pregnancy.  She went into labour at 6 months where my nephew almost died.  But it’s not because of the smoking.  Oh No.  Not at all.  She refuses to take any responsibility for that.  And that she & her then husband continued to smoke around their under developed infant son is wild beyond my imagination.  He now has learning and emotional disabilities.  But in her stupid mind – smoking doesn’t kill.  It only causes lung cancer if you smoke it.  So am I angry and disgusted?  Fuck yeah.  How stupid can a person be?  My nephew is now 9 yrs old, and luckily doesn’t live with her.  I can’t stand to be in her house for more than an hour without feeling terribly ill from the smoke.  And I refuse to get into her car… for smoking while driving makes her ‘look cool’… that coming from a 40 yrs old.

Back in February – the Government rejected the ban.  Mr. Jim Watson, Minister of Health Promotions said parents “should know the dangers of second-hand smoke trapped in cars. We’re not about to legislate [a ban], but we don’t rule out further measures in the future…. We’ve got to better educate parents. Maybe they don’t realize they’re endangering their children.” 

You think?  Seriously now?  No – the government is afraid they will loose revenues from a very lucrative source – the Tobacco companies.  As simple as that.

I know quitting smoking is so difficult to do.  I watched my friends make several attempts at quitting.  I support them in their endeavors and do not bash them for smoking.  It is an addictive drug.  But a drug nonetheless.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the pressure the CMA is putting on our Federal and Provincial governments to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  It’s one thing for an adult to put a cigarette to their mouth – fully knowing (or stupidly believing crap like my sister does) the health implications of smoking… but it’s another to subject an innocent human being to it.  Something has to be done.  ASAP.

And what’s best – the RCMP has agreed to back up the CMA and have agreed that should this law be passed – they will implement it.  Without hesitation.  How fantastic.

– Ban the use of tobacco inside vehicles used to transport children.

– Amend the Day Nurseries Act to ban smoking in homes and facilities that provide daycare.

– Provide more information for caregivers who smoke.

It’s about time… don’t you think? 



  1. It amazes me that such a common sense wasn’t made into a law sooner than just now; then again, I find it hard to believe that there are people out there that MUST ACTUALLY BE TOLD not to smoke around their kids–in cars, in homes, outdoors…even at playgrounds, geez!

    btw loved the entry below about how a girl inherits the sins of her mother, etc…
    at first I had trouble figuring out where you were going with it and wasn’t sure I could agree…but in the end I did…even if I hadn’t, good read.


  2. No your didn’t say, ‘looks cool’. She must be stuck in the 1950s!-lol
    I have known quite a few smokers, its a bad habit and if they want to damage their health then so be it but children shouldn’t be subjected to it.

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