Posted by: ~KC~ | November 27, 2007

Crazy 8

Thanks to lovely Holy Schmidt… I have been tagged in another meme… but because it’s Holy… I will oblige. I will divulge my idiosyncrasies – in this meme called Crazy 8… I don’t blame y’all if you look at me from the corner of your eyes from here on out… LOL!!!

1) I have particular tastes in food. I choose to call it a discriminating palate. I get grossed out when fruit is in my meals, i.e. salads and especially combined with meats. I don’t like the two together – the whole sweet n sour thing simply boggles my mind and upsets all of my senses. Don’t put apples or berries in my salad. Don’t put pineapple on my pizza or ham. And what’s up with the fruit based sauces for meats??? Who cooks turkey with apple juice??? If I wanted fruit with my steak – I’d get my jar of jelly – you know, the only that goes so well with peanut butter??? I simply don’t get it… and choose to not get it. Anywhere near my mouth. Don’t get me started on raisons and cranraisons… it ain’t pretty…

2) I have to read the last chapter of a book – ANY book – before I will decide whether or not I will like it and invest my time in reading it. If the ending captures my attention or peeks my curiosity… then I will read the book. It doesn’t matter how esthetically pleasing the cover is… it’s the ending that has to captivate my mind.

3) I like to peel off my nail polish. Off my fingernails. I can be sitting in a meeting…peeling my nail polish. Its fun to peel it off in one big piece. It doesn’t always happen that I can do that… but I still like to be able to that – keeps my idle hands busy and almost out of trouble.

4) I have a habit of saying… ‘yeah whatever… just spank me. Mostly used in IM conversations… I think its funny… but then again… lots of things are funny to me and not to others. Depends on the audience.5) I can start getting ready a whole two hours before I’m supposed too leave or be somewhere… or give myself ample traveling time (seemingly ample time) but I still somehow manage to show up late. It boggles my mind honestly. Even with the lead foot (pedal to metal as I like to say)… I still manage to show up barely on time. And I try dammit… I really do try!!!

6) I LOVE TO SLEEP. I can’t nap to save my life. I really try but I can’t. I sleep. And I love my sleep. I can’t sleep in cars or moving vehicles – curiosity and my love for travel takes over my need for sleep. I don’t sleep well in someone else’s bed and have grown so accustomed to sleeping alone that I have a really hard time sleeping with someone in my bed. And if I don’t get a min of 8 hours of sleep a day- I am one grouchy bear in the morning… and after several days like that – I get very sick.

7) At work, I have acquired a reputation of being able to accurately predict the sex of unborn children. Of the 44 predictions, 39 were accurate. I’m not perfect… but the odds are pretty good. I’ve also accurately predicted an unborn child’s personality and health issues … but I don’t do that with every person that asks me to rub their belly. Which can be annoying honestly…especially when strangers come up to me because so and so told them about my ability.

8) I’m also known at work as not only the baby predictor but also as the plant healer. Don’t ask me to name the type of plants. I have no clue what most of them are called. But I can look at a sick or dying plant and know what it needs to bring it back to life. I have brought back from the brink several office plants that are now flourishing … It’s a strange skill but I believe it has to do with my connection to Mother Nature’s energy and staying in tune with her…

There I am. In all my strangeness. Thanks to Holy Schmidt. But I love the girl so I couldn’t say no despite the risk of coming across as needing a straight jacket or two… And even though I am supposed to tag a few of you I won’t. Instead I will let you volunteer your idiosyncrasies…what makes your world tic and toc…



  1. OMG KC, can I send you a photo of my plants?! They need help!! LOL….seriously, I have tried everything with these poor things and I’m watching them wither away daily. Is it that I don’t have a green thumb or that it’s a sign that I will be an unfit mother? Geeze!!

    Anyway, Happy Birthday planet sister!!

  2. See that’s why I love these thing – as much as I too, hate doing them.

    That is SO funny…no fruit with veggies and meats…I smiled the whole way through reading this because I was still stuck on that one….I’m with ya on 3,5 and 6 though. “They” insist that our non-deliberate tardiness is actually unconsciously deliberate – a way for us to toy with time and control things beyond our control…and stage an entrance and all that jazz.

    How cool about the preggo predictions and your planet plant world at work, Madamoiselle Claire Voyant. (If I ever had a murder mystery party, I would invite you and that’s who you’d have to show up as).


  3. Hi KC,

    I am totally in agreement with you on fruit and veggies and meat…I have never worked out why anyone thinks pineapple goes with ham steaks or on savoury pizzas…wtf?

    Hope you are well and having a great weekend.

    Hugs and love,


  4. Hey K.C.

    Came by yesterday but didn’t have time to stay and comment. How have you been? We have #1 and #3 most in common. But I have been known to check out the end of a book ahead of time and can save some plants while killing others.

    Hope you have a good rest of your week and that your dad is well.

    Love and hugs,

  5. I’m with you on the pizza. Pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza. Gross! What mental reject thought of that??!! I could never get anywhere on time before I quit to stay home with Conor. I have had more write ups about tardiness then any other person in the world!! It doesn’t matter what I do! I couldn’t find my keys once when I was leaving for work. If I had been able to leave then I would have actually been early! I was an hour late and finally found them in the fridge when I opened it up out of sheer frustration thinking, screw it, I ‘ll have a beer! My boss was like…”only you!”
    And I love my sleep. I never seem to be able to get it, but I love it. I love to lay in bed and doze and follow my dreams! 🙂
    This was fun!!

  6. Wow those are weird things. NOT. How are you doing?

  7. Okay. I’ve got a baby that needs gender predicting and about a million plants you could heal for me. And I thought I was the only one that peeled my nail polish off. I just can’t leave it alone.
    What a fun list! Toni

  8. OK, AWOL, girl, are ya snowed under?

    How is the dad-sitting thing going? And the season? And work? And love? And life?

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