Posted by: ~KC~ | January 7, 2008

Habitat for Humanity – REstores

How about having your cake and eating it too?
How about saving money while helping the community?
How about making a difference while doing very little?
How about recycling and helping the environment while giving to those in need?



It’s called Habitat for Humanity – REstore.

Habitat for Humanity REstores are building supply stores that accept and resell quality new and used building materials. They generate funds to support Habitat’s building programs, while reducing the amount of used materials that are headed for overflowing landfills! They are an environmentally friendly store that makes sense! (taken directly from their website)

You can find such an array of materials that whatever project you are working on – you can certainly find something there!

My father worked over 35 years in the construction industry. He became aware of this program while working in the booming city of Calgary (Alberta), where left over brand new goods were being sent to Habitat for Humanity … for resale. These items could not be reused in other homes due to company policies so they would send them to the REstores instead of the landfills.

My father found amazing items at these stores that are open to the public – many amazing ‘steals’ for his many renovation projects. He brought with him a full bathroom suite (matching toilette, pedestal sink and spa tub – all for under a $100 CDN) to renovate one of the bathrooms in my house.

Upon his arrival to Ontario, he set out to find these REstores… because as a new homeowner – I make good money – but I ain’t made of money and having bought a big ol 100 year old 3700 sq ft Edwardian home… there are renovations and upgrades needed! And the money simply doesn’t flow as nicely on a single income as it did living the apartment life. And I ain’t so proud (but I AM very proud) as to not accept something recycled or used that is in good working condition.

So my father as a Christmas present bought for me from the REstore a newer dishwasher. $150 gave me this GREAT working dishwasher… that was priced at $499.00 at Sears. I am beyond happy… and it matches my stove and fridge!!! They offer a limited warranty and all items are tested for functionality before being sold. We recently purchased a GREAT pendant light for my kitchen at a fraction of the cost of regular retail stores.

All of this to say… these stores hold many gems, inexpensive items that can help the wallet go a lot further, if you aren’t too proud. Not only are you helping yourself (the wallet) but you are helping the community and making a difference in the lives of others (generating funds for HfH programs)! AND … you are helping save the environment by keeping these items out of the landfills!

Here is another way you can make a difference: If you are renovating, building or know of someone who is… encourage them to donate items to the REstores. Full kitchens, appliances, furniture, bathrooms, tiles, doors, lumber, carpets, end-of-the-line items (new) etc… Companies who are redecorating offices can donate old office furniture to this organization for resale. RECYCLE!!! Keep these items out of our landfills!!! (Many REstores will actually come to pick up the items in good working condition if you uninstall them… they will do that for free … such convenience!!!) What you find in these stores will be totally dependent on what the community donates… and one has to keep going back to find the gems… And you will ALWAYS find something!

You are not only saving you money but you are helping two-fold: helping the environment by keeping perfectly good items OUT of our landfills (Mother Nature appreciates that) AND you are empowering your very own community by providing them with the funds required to make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

Habitat for Humanity – Canada

Habitat for Humanity – International

Amazing things happen to people when you address them

I love that. I love that there is an established organization that is about empowering people… which in turn empowers a country. In empowering people… you establish stronger communities, creating new opportunities and growth.

What perfect way to help make a BIG difference in a small way.


  1. Yup – we have one close to where I live. I’ve been in there a few different times and man… you gotta move quick because the good stuff gets snatched up fast! They have great deals on flooring and doors and such. My company has volunteered with our local Habitat for Humanity in building housing. Alot of people think the home recipients get the house for free and what not. I have to explain where the money comes from for these homes and that the homeowner is required to put in over 300 hours of sweat equity into building their home. And that they pay a mortgage just like everyone else.

    Wonderful reminder to help out in our communities!

  2. Hiya Hun:
    Wow….what a wonderful thing for your Dad to do for you…that’s great!!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fun New Year.
    Habitat for Humanity is definitely one of the best organizations that have ever been formed. They do wonderful work.
    Hugs and Love,

  3. That’s a good idea, I feel bad now for discarding the old appliances & furniture in a skip during the house move last year. Hopefully someone made good use of it.

  4. What a great idea! I’d love to get the whole family involved in building a home for another family… I’m very much into the idea of giving back and letting my kids get involved in community service.

  5. Getting involved with HFH has been a goal of mine. Mostly for selfish reasons of needing to learn construction techniques. I checked and we don’t have a store in our area, maybe we can start one. I might have stuff to give and definitely need. Another resource I use is freecycle. I don’t think it need have anything to do with proud, reusing is very noble! Hope you are enjoying Mexico chica!

  6. I don’t think that we have one in Las Vegas. I’ll have to ask Robert he would know. That would be great because we may be needing a new washer! Hope you’re doing well and staying warm in the frozen tundra up there! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the info on Restores…I will definately check it out.

    Had an opportunity to read some of your poetry…very good.

  8. Our ReStore is quite a success, and it sounds like yours has served you well. Thanks for the article,

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