Posted by: ~KC~ | April 24, 2008

Ranting & Raging

Fuel prices are soaring.  It’s disgusting.  It angers me.


Locally – fuel prices range from $1.16 – $1.25 per liter (1 liters = 0.264172052 US gallons).  Eastern Canada are feeling the hit with $1.34 – $1.40 per liter.  There is no sign of it decreasing anytime soon.


As a result of these increasing fuel prices… the costs of everything else is increasing.  The domino effect.  And nothing is being done to stop it.


Cost of food is increasing.  Cost of services and material are increasing.  Cost of living is increasing.  It is impacting every industry under the sun.  But not the wages.  Not the minimum wages.  We have to continue to live within the confines of whatever little or big money is being made.  There is nothing to offset the cost of such an increase.  And right now – there is nothing to justify such an increase in the crude oil.


It’s bullshit to blame the war in Iraq.  My ass it is.  Canada, we have our own refineries.  We have our own petroleum that we supply to a portion of the US.  Our gas and fuel doesn’t come from overseas.  Then – they blame it on the stronger Canadian dollar.  Explain that one to me won’tcha please?  Because within our own country – we should be reducing prices to reflect the stronger dollar – not increase them.


Go Green!  Go Blue!

How the hell are we supposed to Go Green or Go Blue when there is very little in ways of making it happen?  Have you seen the costs of vehicles these days – let alone a Hybrid or a Fuel-Cell Technology?  What about the costs for solar panels?  Which average human being can afford such things?  I do my part for the environment.  I compost, I recycle, I conserve, I am aware and conscience of my environment and surroundings.  But it costs money to be Green and Blue.  Where are the incentives?  I don’t see the government funding municipalities to increase and improve public transportation… to help offset the cost of fuel.  Afterall, the higher the prices, the more money the government makes.  The more money the government makes should be put back into communities to help offset this unjustified imbalance.


Then I get the mass emails recycled thru cyber space to avoid such-and-such gas stations for a week… the Facebook groups created to do the same thing.  Words without action is useless.  And to avoid one gas station for a week isn’t going to drop the price of fuel.  It has yet to work – in fact, reality shows that the prices have increased!  Where are our government officials regulating this market?  Where are the inquiries to explain these price hikes … and its trickling effect on the planet’s economy?  Nothing.  Not a peep from the governments.  No fires at refineries.  No problems with pipes running underground (talk about impacting the environment… ugh).  No issues.  Just greed.  Just a war sending the universe falling feet over head…


Look … Bush started this war – sleeping with the so-called enemy, making business deals under the table.  It’s bullshit.  He has put his entire country in an economic downfall, entire states (Michigan for starters) into a state of recession.  Mortgage crisises hitting everywhere.  Canada is next.  Entire industries shutting down impacting industries in Canada.  People are out of work and not much is being done to rejuvenate the industries.  All the while – Bush continues spend billions of dollars on war machines.  Poverty will increase… but that’s OK.  People will die… oh well – there enough left to repopulate and I won’t be in power then.  We’ll increase prices on domestic goods so that we can have our hands in the profits thru taxes so that we can fund ‘the war on terrorism!’  That way – I can finish daddy’s botched war and be a hero!!!  Someone else can spend the next how many years cleaning up the deficit the US is in.  And being their neighbour, the retarded cousin as a few statesmen have called Canada, will help out because we always do.  We’re retarded afterall.  But it’s citizens will pay the price.  As long as Bush doesn’t have to deal with it’s aftermath… who cares right?


Sounds like a great plan to me.

It’s bullshit.

Enough already.  Call me a conspiracy theorist.  Fine.  I don’t give a rat ass.  But one man’s idiotic supposed Christian-based right (or left who the fuck knows these days) winged beliefs and leadership has sent the world into chaos. 


Fuel prices are just the start of it… and nothing is being done to stop it.  This is really pissing me off… but who am I?  Yeah – one of how many millions paying the price for such idiocy.



  1. Wow, this thing is a shotgun blast.

    I do like the point that you make with the “Go Green, Go Blue” statement regarding the overall cost of participating in those processes. I will take it on an interesting road though; through the eyes of a salesman.

    Think of it this way; what is the best way to sell a product? Insist that it is not only benificial to you, but just good overall judgement as you are participating in “x” cause, thus assisting ___ (usually mankind as a whole). Who doesn’t like helping others out? -Also why would you want to sell such a process / product that has a specific thematic element to it at a reduced cost, when due to said theme you can increase the charge for said process / product and also due to the inherent guilt associated with NOT making this purchase (no matter what the monetary price is, or in the case of a Prius, the sacrifice of the ability for you to retain any speed WHATSOEVER going up a hill of any grade) the person(s) will foot the extra cost while afterwards proclaiming that the premium price that was paid was in fact a small sacrifice because it was done to assist cause “x”, and can be worn like some arrogant “LOOK AT ME I CHAMPION _____!!!!!! YAY!!!!” badge.

    Game, set, SALE.

    Basically it’s capitalism in sheep’s clothing dyed either green or blue for more effective camoflauge. For a reference on this you should check out carbon credits. Those are hilarious. Yeah, go pay someone to NOT drive 5 miles today, but intead use either mass transit or walk. I don’t know about you but how can this be verified? How the hell do I know that I actually did do something for the environment by paying a proxy to perform that duty for me?

    You know what that is? PURE MARKETING GENIUS.

  2. Woah. that one was a long one. Sorry ’bout that.

    time to go back and talk to the idiots.


  3. It is very depressing. Everything is going up around here. Water, utilities, food, gas. I think crime will get a lot worse. People will rob everyone to get what they want. I read that President Bush is the most hated president. I don’t think anybody likes him. I wish he would end the war. I also saw a show on cars they make that runs on air. Why don’t they sell those over here. They are going to sell them in Europe first. They could stop this oil depending country by making air cars or electric cars. I would get one to drive around town. They said they are going to make one that uses gas with the air. You could go from New York city to LA, Ca on one tank of gas.

  4. @ Old Iron – no worries – it is all about marketing and making a buck. Doesn’t matter how many times I rub the Buddha – I still don’t have enough money for it all… Supply and demand – I know… but it’s thievery. And yes – it is a shotgun… I am known for my blast offs on subjects that I am passionate about. You ain’t seen nothing yet!!! It did get me in trouble in Windows Live a few times!!! They even closed down my first blog there… I’ve toned it down a bit… but I don’t shy away from voicing what I feel when I’ve had enough. I might be a tad bit more refined than some… in how I voice it… maybe… sometimes… but not always…

    @ Connie – awh!! My dear friend – it’s been a while!! Thanks for stopping by! I have a hard time imagining a car that runs on air… I mean didn’t they kill off the men who created cars that run on H²O??? OK – maybe that’s an old wives tale – but it begs the question – how affordable are these cars?? Can the average human being afford these creations??? And no kidding Bush is the most hated President… dear lord he’s a morron!!! What was the US thinking when they re-elected him, let alone elected him the first place??? Ugh.

  5. I actually got into an arguement about the increasing price of material goods and petrol with a friend of mine recently. All he could do was cry about how this was gouging into his pocket book, how hard it was to manage in this new financial climate, blah blah blah. When I asked him if he ever thought about getting a new job (at a higer income level) to offset this new price increase, he stated that there was no work in his area.

    -So I offered him a job in Nigeria with me.

    Needless to say that after he told me “Aw HELL no”…

    … I told him to stew in his misery. So many people I have talked to like to complain about a certain situation, but none like to have to do something about it unless it involves only slight modulations to their daily routines. I can understand complaining about a certain situation; if something sucks it needs to be identified as such. Thing is the statement becomes completely ineffective if you don’t do something about itm, and usually the most effective “something” that can be done involves some sort of sacrifice.

    -Just sayin’

    (On a side note: I’m HOPEFULLY sending some traffic your way.)

  6. Thus my sentence… “words without action means nothing”

    You are from Nigeria?
    Oh and I did see the link… thanks!

  7. Oh dear God no! I just work out here.

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