Posted by: ~KC~ | April 26, 2008

Perfect Jobs


In London England – you can get hired to drink.

Canadian government is looking for marijuana growers.

In the Congo, they have penis shrinkers.  Now I love the supernatural… I’d rather find ways to enlarge it than shrink them.  I seriously could use my powers for good… a service to all…

In New Delhi, Durex is hiring condom testers.

So, what the hell am I doing wrong?  I need to seriously look at a new employment opportunities… once again – I chose the wrong industry! Who needs weapons when I could be doing something FAR MORE INTERESTING????



  1. Dammit KC! You’re not the only one in the wrong industry!

    PS-Why on earth would they want to shrink them?? What good is that?

  2. Mere… no kidding!!! Dear lord… who’d wanna shrink them!!! Did you read the article.. had me giggling!

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