Posted by: ~KC~ | April 28, 2008

Blog Updates

Blog updates:


Comment moderation because of a few asses out there. Ignorant buttholes of the universe aren’t welcomed here. Respectful & intelligent counterpoints and comments will be accepted.

Q&A page… ask away – whatever you want… I’ll answer. Might not be the answer you’re seeking but what the heck. Give it a try. I might surprise one or two of you.

Guestbook page… let me know you’ve visited by leaving a greeting. Leave a link back to your blog. I’ll come visit. Promise!


What You Should Know About Me page.



  1. It should make you warm and fuzzy inside that I got a WordPress account just so I can leave comments here, moderated or not. 😉

  2. AWWHHH Elizabeth – you totally ROCK!!! You should be able to leave comments without being a WP member… I thought I fixed it so that EVERYONE could comment – just all comments are moderated. hmmm…
    But you rock nonetheless!
    I would NEVER moderate you…

  3. I had to log in too, although I already had an account. I have been to lazy to double post lately so you will have to go my blogspot addy to see my latest.
    I had a lot of catching up to do since I was out of town and got behind when Max was sick before that.
    That really sucks about your house, I hope the sun shines more. Listening to your music player makes me think of islands….

  4. Oops, I hope it wasn’t the linkage that shuttled over some of the idiots. We get some morons over at my place, but usually they are fairly decent people (save for the filty mouths). That and we usually torpedo them pretty harshly to the point that they go crying back to their cesspits quite quickly.

    Heh. I have an idea. You ever need some enforcers to take care of some trolls for you, let me and the guys know. We LIVE for that kind of stuff.

  5. @ Old Iron… nawh… it didn’t come from you guys…. mostly cowards that don’t show their own links.. but I did have their emails! I love WP for that – you can see their IP and email. So no worries but I really do appreciate your offer and who knows, if I hafta – I will ask for your help!!! That was very sweet to offer (but I won’t tell the others that I said it was sweet… LOL!!)

    @White Magic… thanks hon!! Hope Max is doing much better…

  6. Yeah… “sweet” doesn’t go over very well at the Bar Slaves.

    -I probably want to not tell the guys you said that… 😉

  7. I’m sure you could redeem yourself by being an ass when needed… Besides – too much sweetness gives me a toothache… and well that’s not cool… Regardless it was sweet nonetheless but I promise not to tell!!

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