Posted by: ~KC~ | April 29, 2008

Seriously?? Apparently So…

This is the most absurd thing I’ve seen or heard in the last few days.  All day yesterday, news outlets, TV stations, entertainment magazines etc… all had as LATEST BREAKING NEWSMiley Cyrus Scandal!!!


Say what?  Scandal?  Are you fucking  kidding me?


Listen if this is what we deem as LATEST BREAKING NEWS… making headlines across the world – we, as a human race are seriously in big BIG trouble.


This is yet another young pre-fab, processed Disney creation took a picture showing her bare back, sporting her famous porn star pout, wet fan blown hair… and this is deemed news-worthy?  Where’s the scandal???  Where’s the controversy?  Come on!!!  People – parents send their kids and tweens to concerts of their favorite pop stars wearing even less than this supposed scandalous picture, jirating hips and sexual moves people call ‘dancing’ these days… and no one says a damn thing.  In fact, parents continue to purchase these albums, buy these magazines, endorse these young fabricated artists.  Parents buy the video games and merchandising for their kids.  Kids do the same thing.  And no one is yelling scandal… controversy… Nawh.  Nudity is subjective I suppose.  I’m far from being a prude… LOL… but get your priorities straight people!


Media moguls know that.  So what better way to generate more interest and increased cash flow… this is marketing at its best.  Vanity Fair didn’t do anything that wasn’t encouraged by Disney.  Hey… they both stand to gain a lot.  Increased magazine sales.  Disney gets people to pay attention to their new cash cow called ‘Miley Cyrus.’  There’s NO scandal there wrt a picture.  The scandal should be Disney’s ‘sweat shop’ methods towards turning underage kids into money making machines…  What’s even more scandalous is that kids nowadays have seen WAY more skin on daytime TV than Miley Cyrus is showing and are immune to it!!!  There’s nothing scandalous here.  Nothing controversial with this pic – you call THAT racy???  Photographer Annie Leibovitz doesn’t do porn child!!!  Yeah – her portraits are at times edgy, raw and uncensored.  But this so-called embarrassing photograph is nothing like it.  Maybe this isn’t the image her teams wants to portray (hey – Britany was a virgin remember?) … well I’ve seen her perform on stage – and her dancing alone doesn’t match what being said.  And that porn-star pout of hers in all the pictures again… And she’s embarrassed by this picture???  Dear lord child… be embarrassed when your sex-tape comes out!!  Sorry.  That’s common nowadays.  Not scandalous anymore.


We are a pathetic bunch of people.  I’m pathetic because I just wrote a few paragraphs on this most idiotic marketing scheme.  But if you want the latest breaking news… why not read these articles:


Canadian Residential Schools Investigations

Global Food Crisis


Home Crisis in the US – Here and Here


That’s just to mention a few much more important news worthy articles and reports than the most ridiculous mass marketing plan schemed up thus far, after Spears.



  1. From an italian paper: Si prevede che il marchio incassi nel 2008 circa 1 miliardo di dollari, è in lavorazione un film che uscirà nel 2009 e la Cyrus ha firmato un contratto a sette cifre per un libro con la divisione editoriale Disney.

    Translation: Previsions for the brand [HANNAH MONTANA] are to make more or less 1billion dollars from the 2008 movie and another one is now in preparation for 2009, Ms Cyrus signed a contract with seven ZEROS for a book intended to be published with Disney…

    But don’t worry, in Italy we say “Tutto il mondo è paese” that means that every side of the world is similar in its essence… so, we have things like that here too!


  2. Amen sistah!! This story has been blown out of proportion and I’m so over it. I’d rather watch paint peel than listen to another person’ s opinion on whether she’s turning into a pop tart or not.

  3. If you see pictures of the photo shoot in color, the way it was done, it looks like she has this big curtain wrapped around her. You don’t see anything but her back, if she had on a swimsuit nobody would say anything. I think they photoshopped the picture and darkened it and probably lowered the sheet on her back digitally. It didn’t look that way in the photo shoot pictures. They can digitally alter the picture to make it look like she was in a dark room. She was outside, sitting on a chair in the sun. I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it. I just saw a picture of the girl that makes Harry Potter movies, her croch was captured because her dress was so short. Do they say anything about that?, No. If MIley had on a halter top, you would see the same thing. In her concerts, she wears skirts so short, they stop right below her butt. Do they say anything about that?

  4. I just read an article over at one of the Moronosphere bloggers that said that only 18% of the world’s population actually has the spare time to give a shit.

    10% apparently live on the North American continent.

    Yeah, I even heard about that trite news here, and guess what I was more concerned about?


  5. (Cross posted)

    To answer your question honestly… (takes deep breath and readies for the backlash)

    -I work for KBR on a construction job for Chevron that is building a refinery in a place called Escravos (which, oddly enough means “Slavery” in Portugeuse) in Nigeria.

    That job description alone usually makes people’s heads ASSPLODE.

  6. @Old Iron… KRB… from Texas??? I’m heading to Texas in two weeks for a long weekend!! Never been – really looking forward to it… staying in SA… giddy up!

    Oh and it appears as though you’re company and the company I work for… pretty much serve the same purpose overall pertaining to the military (from what I read)… interesting.

  7. Well I work on the Energy side of the company, but they do bid on government and infrastructure jobs as well. Good on you going to Texas though; should be a good time in San Antonio if you hit the river walk and the open air bazaars. It’s like being ni Mexico but you dont’ have to worry about being rolled by the cops there.

    Oh, and I was told that I can’t have any pics of the riot. Our security division shut me down so you can’t see the fun.


    Just another day in Nigeria…5 more weeks and I’m ack home for vacation…

  8. I blogged about this too, a little, anyway before I dropped by to catch up. (How am I four posts behind I wonder.) Oh well. The whole thing is asinine.

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