Posted by: ~KC~ | May 2, 2008

I Need To Lighten Up…

Man… life has been beating me up and spitting me out these days…  I’ve been feeling slightly like I’m inside a pressure cooker… and plenty of steam is what I need to let off!!  I haven’t had FUN in far too long…  As much as I love Cancun – January’s trip was NOT the fun trip I needed.  The companionship on that trip wasn’t condusive to my kind of fun.  And right about now… I need to let loose… be the silly, wacky, free spirited gal that I am… up for anything.  Cancun – wasn’t like that.


I haven’t been myself.  I know – terrible!  I DO NEED A VACATION… its scarry when a virtual stranger (who’s ‘known’ me for a week??) can pick out that urgent need in my writing or worst is when I tell the world I haven’t gotten laid in months… Someone shoot me now … in the veins with some tequila or somethingSomeone PLEASE put me out of my misery!  (OK not literally…)




Anyhow… rest assured… a vacation is forthcoming.  14 more sleeps until my best friends Janet, JV and her husband take off on our Canadian 4-day long week to San Antonio, Texas baby…  Giddy up!  (OK… I cannot NOT say ‘Texas’ followed by ‘Baby’ and/or ‘Giddy Up’)


It’s cool because I’ve never been.  And from what I’ve read and seen – it’s my kind of place.  I’ve been on some pretty crazy insane little adventures on my own… meeting up with what my friends thought were strangers .  I’ve had a series of long distance ‘relationships’ (for lack of a better word – but since I have to call it something) with men in the US – particularly in AZ, NM and MA.  So I’d take off to meet up with them at different times freaking my friends out a wee bit.  They never met any of them.  If I’d have jumped at the opportunities that were presented to me last year, I’d have also had to add Philly and Georgia to my list.  But I didn’t and I’ll go gallivanting there on my own, another time.


But I’m still here.  With no little adventures to call my own, at the moment.  I sort of miss that aspect of my life… the adventure.  Now life is carefully planned… mundane.  I have responsibilities.  Yuck.  I don’t have a Peter Pan complex but I miss the freedom of coming and going as I choose.


So… this spring, it’s San Antonio.  We don’t have anything concrete planned per say… We are staying in a prime, central location on the River Walk, near all the good amenities.  The plan is to have a good time, sight-see, shop, drink, eat, party… and hopefully squeeze in a Haunted Tour of the city.  That would be really fun and cool to do on Sunday, on a night with the full moon.  Spooky!  And I do love Mexican food and art… so I believe that SA is right up my alley… and will be the typical tourist and take a shit load of pictures… to be shared at a later time of course!


Things have got to change.  I’ve got to lighten up.  I know.  And if only I was a scotch drinker Old Iron… till such time… I’ll have my Gin with a splash of Ginger Ale or 7Up.  Make it a double, please!


Listening to: Sick & Tired by Eric Clapton



  1. I had the BEST times when I was in San Antonio. Ah… 🙂 Enjoy yourself! With any luck I’ll be in California for a week at the end of June/beginning of July. My kids are going NUTS. If I tell them that we might be going camping they’ll launch right into orbit. 😉 I’ll keep that one to myself for now.

  2. ^^^Smart!!! Cali would be a nice getaway as well!

  3. Wow. I was used as a topic.

    I feel honored.

    The first glass is raised to you tonight.


  4. San Antonio is one of my very very very favorite places to go play. I adore it and I’m not even a party type person. SA is one of those places no matter what you enjoy, it is there. I could live on the Riverwalk!!!

    Have a margarita in my name.

    Oh and in two weeks I will be at Sportzie’s house. I’m excited about that myself.

  5. @Willow… of course I’ll have a Margarita in your honour… in fact, I’ll have TWO!!! Have a blast with Mere… I can imagine just how excitted you must be!

    @Old Iron… Have a few glasses for me tonight… I’m counting on you … and I want a story or two to come outta of it too!

  6. Oh there is going to be a few. Last night we got ahold of some of the local brew called “Monkey Tail”.

    Talk about a kick to the seat of the pants. I am actually planning on doing a post about all of the local spirits (by country of course) that I have imbibed. The list is going to be HUGE on that one, as I think that I’ve been to about… 25 countries.

    (Checks passport…)

    Yep. 25. How I did that all within a 31 year lifespan is a story unto itself.

  7. I’m older than you??? Ugh… but not by much!
    Anyhow… I look forward to this huge list of yours… And seeing the 25 countries you’ve been too. That.. is impressive in itself.

  8. On it!

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