Posted by: ~KC~ | May 3, 2008

Death, Anime Style

I really did have something else planned for today… but I saw this and simply had to share it.

It’s awesome… in a strange artistic kind of way…  I love it!



  1. You find the coolest stuff!! That was brilliant. 🙂 Granny’s been taking her multivitamin!

  2. Nice!

  3. Very interesting and funny.

    OK, I read three posts and your About. That was a very interesting read. I can’t say mine is anywhere near as epic. I also see you know Leucantha, Hummynbyrd, Mocha, Katie and Skrumshz and well as (the other) Siobhan. It IS a small world.

  4. This is great KC-You find the neatest stuff!! xo

  5. Granny kicked ass. Awesome.

    (I didn’t mean to sound like a fourteen year old boy.)

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