Posted by: ~KC~ | May 5, 2008

Just My Luck

So here is the highlight of my weekend…


It poured most of Friday and Saturday.  Trust me I didn’t complain since my flowers and garden needed it.  It rained pretty consistently, with the occasional thunder rumbling a few kilometers away (remember I’m Canadian… metric all the way baby)…


It finally stopped raining around 4pm on Saturday, as my dad took a nap.  He’d been working hard on the downstairs renovations, but that took a toll on his fragile body.  I was bugging someone online as I teetered back and forth about whether or not I should go to the 3 different parties I had been invited too that night.  I had just finished cleaning my bathroom… and was taking a break before mopping the floors…  There was NOTHING sexy about my joggers (who are too big for me and keep falling down)… and crazy t-shirt that does absolutely NOTHING for my girlish figure.


I heard the fire trucks nearby… sirens bellowing outside my window.  It appeared to be something going on nearby… I could hear the trucks engine as though it was across the street… so I peeked out my bedroom window… only to see the trucks practically on my front lawn!  WTF???  The firefighters were walking down my shared driveway…


Holy crap!  Is my house on fire???  Did my dad blow a circuit during the renos that is causing smoke…???  Do I have to wake my dad up… gather the cats and call my insurance company???


But I didn’t smell any fire or smoke… I know that all of my fire alarms work… so it wasn’t coming from my house!!  Was it my neighbours???  There’s only 6 ft between our houses… UGH!!!  So, all in my disarray and rat-nested hair… I run outside to see what’s going on… why are they in my backyard?


People were coming out of their houses to see what’s going on.  Quite the audience gathering on my front lawn… not the kind that I wanted – ever.  The firefighters started coming back up the driveway at this point… all smiles!  Thank god… but what the hell???


Because it had rained pretty hard… then suddenly, the hot sun graced us with her presence, steam was rising from my backyard shed roof.  But from where my back neighbours sat, it looked like the shed was smoldering, on fire.  And they called the fire department.


Hindsight is 50/50… it’s great that I have nosy neighbours … they potentially could have saved me a lot of grief had it been worst… but god dammit… why did the HOT HOT firefighters hafta show up in my yard when I looked like I hadn’t showered in 15 days (hey man – it was cleaning day – I don’t clean in heels dammit!!) and my hair all nappy and nested on the top of my head… Literally… I LOOKED LIKE SHIT!!!


They were super kind… and looked ubber cute too.  They smiled and reiterated all was well… just a concerned neighbour and I should be so lucky to have people looking out for me. Not to worry.  All is well.


I suppose.  Sucks that I didn’t need to be rescued.  No mouth to mouth was required (needed but sadly not required).  At least I had on clean panties.  You know… just in case…


But next time… if you’re gonna be nosy… give me a little notice won’tcha???!!


The most exciting 10 minutes of my weekend.

And I had to look like shit.

Murphy’s Law I suppose.



  1. Yup, those are the natural laws for the single woman. And it is amazing how incredible some firefighers can look. It goes to show you have to be always ready to grab up a man.

    Better luck next time.

  2. Your neighbors should have got in their car and drove to your house and knocked on your door to tell you they thought your shed was on fire. You could have ran out and checked it out. But if it was raining, they actually thought it was burning? Don’t they know what smoke looks like?

  3. I think you should set a fire in your back yard to get those firefighters back out to your place.

    Okay… a small fire. 😉

  4. I am with hummynbyrd, put your cat in the tree something to get them back out. Why are firefighters so hot? I used to somehow grocery shop at th same time as them in Tucson and would nearly trip and hurt myself oggling them.

  5. ok, KC, you should go thank the firefighters =P

  6. I could make a SERIOUSLY tacky joke right now but I think I’ll save it for the Bar Slaves. I hope the guys don’t read this because I don’t know if they have the self-control that I am exerting right now…

    Sweat… beading no forehead… in effort…. NOT to say joke….

  7. […] I just got a call from my father telling me that my back yard neighbour’s (the same neighbour here) house is on fire.  For real.  Their backyard backs onto mine.  Luckily, it is at a safe […]

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