Posted by: ~KC~ | May 6, 2008

Politics. Ewh. *Spat*

Politics.  Politicians.


To me… they are synonymous with liars… idiots… jesters… crooks… thieves… corrupt… bullshit.  A job I certainly wouldn’t want to do.


Here’s the thing.  Since we love to put labels on everything, the closest thing I could relate to and swallow, is the word ‘Liberal.’  In an idealistic world (and we know that doesn’t exist… e.g.: Lord of the Flies), we wouldn’t need bullshit government.  If we were mature enough and humane nearly enough, the semblance of self-government would suffice.  Sadly… there is no such thing as utopia, unless you like Coke products and drink that stuff out of bottles (personally, that stuff tastes like crap).


So I identify with the Liberals.  I identify with Democrats.  Doesn’t mean I like everything that spews forth from their mouth or the policies they are attempting to pass.  But I will take them FIRST and FOREMOST before Conservative or Republican government.  From where I sit… Conservatives are about the rich getting richer – the poor stay poor.  They are about mixing religion with politics – and in my mind – the two should NEVER mix.  Ever.  Never Ever. Ever.  Regardless of your party choice – both lie.  Thru their teeth.  Crooked thieves.


But… and yes, there is a butt (cause baby’s got back) – I don’t mind ALL conservative policies.  Some make sense in an asinine kind of way.  But if you are going to start basing your policies and laws on your own personal religious view… then I object to that.  In a big way.


So here’s the thing… I am a Liberal.  And no, it’s not tattooed on my ass… much to the delight of my father, the conservative that he is.  But even he waivers on many issues… and enjoys our bickering (I keep telling myself that…) slash political debates… But I digress.  Let me start over.  I’m a Liberal (clear on that??? LOL).  Many of my friends and some of the most influential people in my life have been Conservatives (why is beyond me…).  Strangely enough, I think most of my family and extended family are conservatives.  It explains a lot…but again, I digress…


I don’t hate them (well, some of them I do).  They don’t hate me (OK, I didn’t take a poll on that one either).  Because at a human level… we aren’t one or the other.  We share different views on many different things – but fundamentally, we all want the same thing in the end (women want nice clothes, emotional and financial security and men want beer and sex)  I learn from them.  They learn from me.  We do it with respect and often times jokingly.  Other times – not so jokingly.  I have learned to speak of politics and religion without getting personal.  Because the moment it’s personal… emotions are involved…  people don’t think straight.  The moment we mix emotions with politics… it gets dangerous.  Sometimes necessary to evoke change… to entice action… but rarely productive.


So to my new blogging acquaintances (I don’t think the word ‘friend’ can be used by all of them at this time) at Bar Slaves… I’m a Liberal.  You guys… certainly aren’t!  I have issues with Bush politics and his war.  Perhaps as a human being, he’s half decent… I don’t know and probably wouldn’t really care to know either.  I’m not about to invite him to my summer BBQs.  As a politician, he’s a freakin dumb twit – alas, who’s given me job security.  However, despite THAT – I thoroughly enjoy going over to your spot… you’re crazy, total disregard for political corrected-ness is staggering… you’re views on politics often leave my head reeling… but I have mad respect for y’all, so far.  And you’re testosterone infested insanity makes me laugh.  You provide the perfect platform to be self-deprecating and truthful.  We will disagree no doubt.  And I don’t mind that.  Hope you don’t mind either.


Political differences add spice to life.  Make up sex is great… nothing like a heated debate to get the juices flowing (or locking up the floodgates depending on how you play the game).  I’m a Liberal.  Many aren’t.  Bring it on!



  1. I have given up on politics. I tend to vote Republican, mostly because I work hard for my money and I don’t want to see it go to welfare programs that people never get off of. I’m not rich by anyone’s imagination, but I don’t believe that it is my job to work to support others.

    I tend to be more Libertarian in thoughts, just they can’t ever put together a strong enough candidate to light people up. I believe the federal government shouldn’t be in so much business, that it should be done at the more local levels where they can see the people. What is needed and works in Bohunk , Texas is not a good fit for those in NYC or California. Trying to make legislation to fit everyone is a no win situation from the very get go.

    But I don’t debate politics with anyone any more. It is a lose lose conversation.

  2. @Willow… I won’t debate where I cannot deliver an educated come back or counterpoint. But often that is a lesson in futility. The thing is… I won’t stop myself from speaking of it. If its important enough to me… I’ll share it… and often will invite a counterpoint. It’s the asswats that burn my ass at times… but hey… takes all kinds eh?

    See now I love that you discuss certain religious topics on your blog… I love topics like that to accompany the day to day topics. That’s the beauty of blogging… to bad not everyone can speak maturilly (sp) and respectfully when they don’t agree…

    Always feel free to share a counterpoint here. Your feedback and experiences are always welcome!

  3. “The moment we mix emotions with politics… it gets dangerous. ”

    I agree… that’s why I’ve left politics out of my blogging. I’m great friends with those who are conservatives and liberals… and the last thing I want to do is starting alienating anyone by identifying with one or the other because, strangely, I consider myself a mixture of both, probably about a 70/30 mix (depending on the issue). I wonder if there’s a spot on a ballot for people like me? 😉

  4. @ Elizabeth… I guess they don’t hav a green party in the US??? That’s where most of the 70/30 vote… and trust me… I’ve been looking at them very seriously!

    It’s too bad that we can’t discuss politics without getting emotional. It’s such a lively topic!

  5. so this is where you’ve been hiding….I haven’t thought to check – for the longest time you weren’t posting here.

    I love your fire scare tale.

    And I’m so sick of the politics and religion mix I just can’t even work myself up over it anymore. Although Holy Son is writing a creationism versus evolutionism paper for school and suffice to say, his opinionated mother will be helping him edit it.

    I’m not sure what I would be here in the States – the Democrats and Republicans aren’t all that many shades apart on many issues. I wish there was another party alternative – I can’t believe the system isn’t more creative. In Canada I’ve voted PC and Liberal depending on my MP – we had David Kilgour, Liberal, in Edmonton, who was a strong voice in Ottawa. My views are very much Liberal but I confess to a western mentality about not always feeling the Liberals were working in the best interest of Manitoba west. I suspect that’s why many Republicans vote as they do – because some are rural and feel the Democratics are more urban and big city inclined.

    The Green Party was very active in Calgary….but never got enough support to make a difference…hard in a place like Cowtown where with Imperial Oil and Syncrude and the likes, right?

    Anyhoo, hope you are well.

  6. Oops – PS – donkeyote is me, Holy. Like you couldn’t figure that out, right? I lost my Holy password and can’t remember which e-mail I’ve attached it to.

  7. Holy!!! Yah you made it! Yeah… sort of taking a break from Avanoo. I need a little bit more variety … although I still love the place and keep an eye on it… not so inclined to write there these days.

    Now you bring a fantastic perspective to this post… Canadian living in the US… and the differences that come along with it. I still vote Liberal although inclined to go Green during the last election. It’s sad that although Ontario is a Liberal government, it isn’t nearly as effective now that Canada is Conservative (how did that happen???) I mean… with all of our land claim issues – the Conservatives destroyed any lee way we finally made with the Kelowna Accord on the brink of signatures… leaving the Canadian world riddled with these issues.

    Anyhow I won’t get into it too much here… LOL! But yeah… this here is my hiding place for now… until I decide to come out of my cave… LOL!

  8. The hat tip is much appreciated KC.

    -We do talk some about politics and take a conservative stance on most issues, but don’t like to stray too far into political commentary because there are literally shiploads of other sites that do so, and in far more detail then we would ever want to (because it would require something called “effort”, and is usually not funny enough).

    You are a more-than welcome addition to the site. Keep up with the counterpoints; God knows we need ’em.

  9. Oh dear God my brother wrote a response to that website that we were talking about.

    It has to be one of the funniest things that I have ever read.

  10. “But… and yes, there is a butt (cause baby’s got back)”

    That is a funny line!

    I understand why people have opinions about politics, I don’t always understand the emotion behind it. I took a survey a while back and am too all over to be considered one party or the other. I can’t handle being describe a liberal nor a conservative at this point either.

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