Posted by: ~KC~ | May 15, 2008

Bonne Fête De La Reine!!

There are some advantages to still being under a monarch… still being part of a ‘sovereignty.’  Officially – we Canadians are celebrating Victoria Day this coming weekend.  It’s a Canadian statutory holiday celebrated on the last Monday before or on May 24 (or as we call it – the May 2-4 weekend) in honour of both the late Queen Victoria and our current reigning Canadian sovereign’s birthday, Queen Elizabeth II.  For those of you who aren’t bilingual, the title says “Happy Queen’s Birthday”… in French.


So in honour of our sovereignty… a few of us are getting the hell outta dodge.  Hopin’ on a plane to dryer and hotter pastures, San Antonio, Texas (baby!).  It’s not uncommon that we get colder weather, even snow, this weekend in these here parts.  So – we’re making it a 4-day weekend, going to where the sun shines brightly and hotly


Hopefully I’ll be back with some stories and pictures… back in one piece.  I don’t really want too but apparently I have no choice (come back that is…).  When I get back – I have some difficult things to face and manage.  I might as well get in my fun on now… before it gets ugly.


So… have a safe couple of days everyone… and Happy May 2-4 to those of you who do get to reap the benefits of living under a monarchy.  Drink lotsa beer and be merry!



  1. Will you be kickin’ it up in cowboy boots and hat? 😉 Enjoy!

  2. That’s the plan hon!!! I already have snake skin heeled boots (OK fake ones but pretty cool nonetheless)… now all I gotta get is a cowboy hat AND a cowboy…

    Giddy up!
    ‘Cause you know… I’m a conservationist… I’ll save a horse and ride a cowboy!

  3. Heh. Hope you have a great time. That town can rock if you know where to look, and tend to have some pretty nice folks as well. Best bet: plant yourself in a local pub and take it from there.

    Many a WILD night has started off with that formula while I was in Texas…

  4. Oh that’s right – bonne fete to the old bat and all that. (she says, to the tune of God save her glorious rump)…

    Make sure to check out Dirty Nellie’s at the Hilton near the walk in d/t San Antonio – a buddy of mine played the piano there these last couple years – tell them Don Johnson sent you and I’m sure you’ll get a round for the girls.

    Western Canada is in a heat wave which is unusual for the May long weekend…and we’re going up to 90ish today…

  5. I should add the we, as in Seattle, we, not Western Canada we…although it is still home sweet home.

    Cheers –

  6. “Giddy up!
    ‘Cause you know… I’m a conservationist… I’ll save a horse and ride a cowboy!”

    My kinda gal! 😉

  7. When I read where you were going all I could think of was the Big & Rich song ‘Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy’!!

    I hope you had a kick ass time in San Antonio-I cannot wait for the pics! Come home in 1 piece Mami!!

  8. Are you still in Texas? Hope you are having a grand old time.

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