Posted by: ~KC~ | May 22, 2008

I Know, Dammit. I Know.

I’ve heard it plenty in the last few days since returning to work:

KC… are you insane? How could you let yourself get sun burnt like that again? You know you have to be careful – you are going to get skin cancer!!

I’ve heard it so many times before. I have been burnt so many times by the sun – my twenties were TERRIBLE for sunburns. But after a terrible burn and allergic reaction to the sun after using expired sunscreen lotion (I didn’t know sunscreen had expiry dates on them… I learned the hard way) – where my face swelled up to dangerous proportions where they put me on steroids to reduce the swelling. I wasn’t hospitalized but the clinic who NEVER makes house calls – called me two days later to make sure I was still alive and breathing, worried that my throat would have closed up on itself like so many have in the past. The doctor who cared for me said it was the worst he’d seen in his young career.

After that episode – I have been ubber careful. I don’t mess with the sun. The fact is: I burn. I’m fair skinned… not blessed with my other sibling’s pigmentation. I use the best sunscreen lotion available on the market – and it’s damn expensive – and throw out all bottles at the end of the summer to make sure I never get caught with expired lotion. I go to the tanning bed for short spurts at least a month before any trips down South to get some base. It all has worked marvels since that date. I always carry with me anti-histamines in case I have an allergic reaction to the sun like I have in the past. I tend to wear hats now to protect my face… and I always cover up when it gets too hot and am exposed to the sun. I always use Witch Hazel and pure Vitamin E after each stint in the sun.

I honestly, and naively, didn’t think I needed to be worried to the extent I should have while in Texas. My mind was set on … it was such and such temperatures in Mexico (in January) … it’ll be very much the same in San Antonio. My mistake – I know. Now by no means am I making light of this fact. I KNOW. Trust me. So… I made a crazy mistake. I had an oversight. A dumb I’m-not-thinking-straight-on-vacation-mode moment.

I hear it all the time. KC… wear your sunscreen this weekend – it’s gonna be a scorcher out there this weekend It’s sweet that I have coworkers that care. I’m lucky that they care. But I really don’t want to hear it over and over and over again!!! I know… Thanks! Got it under control… ” as I scurry out of meddling ways.

My coworkers always look at me in what appears to be – awe. Because I just up and go when I can. I go away for long weekends – Boston, Phoenix, Vegas, New Mexico, Texas, Calgary…. They all look at me like I’m doing something incredulous. One coworker actually comes to find me after such adventures… just to see if I’m red or not. And then comes the scolding… if I am slightly pink or red with sunscreen lotion on. What most don’t understand is I don’t tan immediately. I actually go red before I have any colour whatsoever. So not only do I have to explain to others WHY I went away for a long weekend somewhere fun… but how I’m not really burnt and YES I wore sunscreen lotion AND a hat all weekend.

This time around… I’m not so lucky. I’ve had just about enough explaining how come I am so red while everyone else around me hasn’t seen daylight sun in months. And why would I consider going to San Antonio for a long weekend… and how could I have not known the Texas sun is as hot as it is. I should have known better. Yes Mom. Yes Dad. I’ll go stand in the corner now. ‘Nuff already! I’m RED dammit!! I got burnt again. I’m stupid and an idiot… I know!! Does that make you’re world a better place now???

Ugh. Its’ gonna be one of those summers. I just know it.

Anyhow… I’m just a tad stressed out about life these days. Happily, there is a plan in place to end this said stress… I just have to vent every so often in order to cope with the meantime.

Speaking of meantime… enjoy the pictures from my trip to San Antonio – where in happenstance, I burnt by fat ass in the hot Texas sun…. just in case you didn’t know by now. I know. I’m an idiot. And yes… I know. I’m a prime candidate for skin cancer. I know. I heard it all before.



  1. Long time Texans do it too. Great cures

    Soak in a bath with tea bags and a few drops of liquid vitamin E in the bath water

    Aloe vera juice lotions

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