Posted by: ~KC~ | May 28, 2008

Boston Legal

I’m a fan.

If I wasn’t one before, I certainly am a HUGE one now after last night’s season finale of Boston Legal.

That show just completely and totally rocks.

It is so well written, the content is incredible and the chemistry between all the actors makes this show one of the best prime time shows on television these days.


In light of all the bull crap I’m going thru and its heaviness on my mind… it was such a welcome distraction!  One that had me grinning from ear to ear… for one brief hour of the day… I remembered what it felt like to have conviction, beliefs and morals and what it means to fight for them.


Yes.  I am Canadian.  Same but different than Americans… on sooo many levels.  But our values are very similar and I could completely relate to last nights finale.  Not in the context of bashing the US.  No – I’d prefer to bash the administration that runs the current US of A because of its asinine destruction of what was a perceivably good country – but in that how we all feel about our country, especially now, in time of war.  Regardless of our views on this go— (biting my tongue, tasting blood) — war.  Because sadly, I do believe without a doubt, that Canada is no better, no less criminal than the US.  History shows us that.  Even if you don’t know our history – it’s not all hockey, moose and beer.  It’s equally as morbid and forsaken as our neighbours to the South.  It’s just nicely swept under the carpet.  And since most Americans don’t care to learn about our history – it’s easy to not pay attention to the atrocities we too have committed against humanity.


What I loved the most about this episode was that it showed both sides of the issue.  Alan, a proud Democrat, (played by actor James Spader) was hired to defend the town of Concord, Massachusetts who was looking to secede from the US, for many reasons that are felt by Americans today as a result of the war in Iraq.  Danny Crane, a staunch Republican and Alan’s best friend, (played by actor William Shatner) volunteered to represent the state.  The episode battled back and forth covering the many issues the Americans have with the US and its tactics used during this war as well as the Bush administration.  It also tested the friendship of Alan & Danny… which is also a very important side line in this story.


Politics can destroy friendships.  This war in Iraq – whatever its roots are – has wrecked havoc on families and marriages, dividing communities and relations.  It’s destroyed the perception of the US as a world power – to the world.  They will certainly have a long and arduous road ahead of them before their badly tainted reputation can be redeemed.  As clearly stated in the episode, the terrorists wanted to destroy democracy in the US… and they succeeded in doing just that.  But the pride of the Americans, challenging their constitution (or breach thereof), standing up for themselves and for each other – is a beautiful piece of art.  The need for a united front is of the utmost importance, especially if they want to escape this very damaged reputation and way of life… with whatever dignity is left.


I am not bashing the American people.  Far from it.  Within me lies an admiration for their pride (often misplaced, but pride nonetheless), resolution to remain steadfast in their ideals and faith within themselves, as a country, that this is not insurmountable.  Something we should all learn from when faced with the same delimna and gather together for there is strength in numbers instead of warring each other based on political differences.


Last night’s seasonal finale of Boston Legal just reaffirmed that for me.  And on so many levels – it reminded me of new friendships being forged that in spite of our differences, we are all the same… but very much different.  And that isn’t a death sentence.  And perhaps… in the end, that is what will be our saving grace.  Because Canada’s hands are equally as dirty as that of the US.



  1. I LOVE IT… and you know…

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