Posted by: ~KC~ | May 30, 2008

Alma College Update…

My heart still lays heavy at our town’s loss. I know for some… it’s just an old building. For others, it’s just a fact of life. For many – they aren’t surprised. And honestly, neither am I… but I remain disgusted and pissed off. Disillusioned is also a good word to describe the emotions.

So – in an update, The Globe and Mail reported two teen boys (15 & 16) have been arrested in connection with the fire. You can read about it here. And although the city and our Middle-Essex MPP are still going to enforce that any new development by the owners – that they replicate the façade of Alma College and main tower… it still doesn’t replace what should have been protected long ago.

It is now completely demolished. Bulldozers and cranes leveled what remained into rubble. Gawkers continue to flock the scene… slow up traffic… and for some, take this opportunity to socialize, laugh, reminisce and support one another.

We lost a part of our history. But perhaps this is the rude awakening for the government to fix the problems within our Heritage Act. And stop doing lip service… and actually start saving our endangered heritage.

It’s time to rebuild… but never forget. How fitting that we have thunder and lightening… let the rain wash away the sorrows of today… to make room for the beauty that is tomorrow…


  1. Hear, hear.

  2. Well hello from the Bush! Sorry about the lack of communication for the next few days, but I had to go off-site for eh weekend.

    I’ll be back Monday though…

  3. My heart lies heavy for the loss y’all have suffered up there. You know where I am. My thoughts and prayers are up there. I do mean it. And thanks for what you said. It means a lot right now.

  4. -Don’t risk yourself like the student who got kicked out by starting a facebook page on his school – there is a site for that – you can post anonymously or with nickname – it works!

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