Posted by: ~KC~ | June 4, 2008

Close Calls & Stupidity

Its not even 09:30 am over in my part of the world… and I’ve already experienced 2 close calls.  Since everything happens in three’s… I’m waiting on the third one to come along and close the deal.

1)   As I waited for on-coming traffic (with a transport truck coming my way) before pulling into the company parking lot, I could see in my rear view mirror a black pick-up truck barreling down with no signs of slowing.  Either he didn’t see me or was thinking I was about to drive into on-coming traffic… but he then started skidding and weaving all over the place as I watched it get closer and closer to the rear of my car.  If I hadn’t taken my foot off the brakes and let my car roll forward, I wouldn’t be writing this post to you.  I would have been in the hospital.

2)    I just got a call from my father telling me that my back yard neighbour’s (the same neighbour here) house is on fire.  For real.  Their backyard backs onto mine.  Luckily, it is at a safe distance and there will be no damage to my house other than smell.  No one is hurt, everyone is safe and the fire is contained to the inside of the house.  I feel bad for them. 

What’s the universe message in all of this??  No clue.  But when the third one comes along and I still don’t know what it’s trying to tell me… then I could be in trouble.  Let’s just say… that the way the universe is kicking my ass these days… I won’t be surprised if its leg finally gets lodged in my ass for good.  So far, I’ve managed to survive the bruising… but who the heck knows how long I can avoid the inevitable.

Let’s just say… thank god I have insurance!

I’m sore.  All over… still.  I spent the weekend working on curb appeal – gardening.  And never in all my 30 something years… have I ever been this achy and sore from gardening.  The previous homeowners neglected the garden for the 3-4 years they owned the house.  It was a mess!  And now, muscles that I never worked even while working out with a personal trainer at the gym – ache.  Hurt.  Still.  It hurts to sit.  It hurts to stand.  It hurts to breath.  It hurts to sneeze.  It hurts to lay down.  And now… I’m getting ‘Charlie horses’ in the middle of the night, waking me up from a dead sleep in excruciating pain.  Sleep that has eluded me for several weeks and am now only really getting caught up on it (not that one ever truly gets caught up on lack of sleep) but the aches and pain… ain’t helping my cause!

Anyhow… this is something I stumbled across and pissed me right off.

Read here as the world sits by and listens to what is going on as the world meets to discuss food shortages:

The head of the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), hosting the summit, said wealthy nations spent billions of dollars on farm subsidies, excess food consumption and arms.

“The excess consumption by the world’s obese costs $20 billion annually, to which must be added indirect costs of $100 billion resulting from premature death and related diseases,” said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf, who is from Senegal.

So… now – the OBESE people of the Western world are responsible for the world’s food crisis???  Are you kidding me?   Are you saying that because some fucken BMI chart says that I am obese (but my doctor says I’m not and I agree with her) that I am to be blamed for food shortages in a third world country, who’s own governments are major contributors to their own people’s starvation (Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and Iran to just name a few). 


Is weight an issue in our Western cultures?  Hell yeah.  But is our healthy (and some not so healthy) waistlines to be blamed for poor government management of their own resources and trade deals across the big pond?  Hell no.  I actually resent the implications and their lack of accountability.  Do we need to take bigger strides at regaining control over our countries health crisis… absolutely.  But I’ll be damned if someone tells me that I am responsible for the world’s food crisis.  Within our own walls, we have poverty crisises… so you best believe that I will want to put priority on my own people first.


Ugh.  I have no tolerance for stupid people.  Who make stupid statements without any accountability.


It’s gonna be one of those days.  I already know it.

And with the air thick with humidity… it’s making it VERY hard to BREATHE…



In doing my share from stopping the world from tipping off it’s Western axis (you know, since us rich countries are all a bunch of obese, greedy bastards errhh… people), I have now on my belt buckle a pedometer.


That’s right.  A pedometer.


Our companies division has a friendly competition between the Canadian and US headquarters.  Whoever records the most steps taken in a month… wins.  Not sure what, but we win.  Something.


Now the thing is rather sensitive… so it will record all steps taken, including running.  It will also count any hip movement.  And since this sista can shake her hips and bootay like no one’s business… I just might get myself a small prize out of this thing.  At least, I’m gonna try!  In all seriousness (although the above is 100% accurate), I will use this as my motivation to get out walking.  A form of exercise.  Something…


Afterall… it’s our fault there a food crisis.  It’s our fault there’s Global Warming.  I mean, seriously, the obese are eating all the food.  The fatter you are, the more heat you emit.  The more heat you exude… it is released into the atmosphere and THAT is the root cause of Global Warming.  Too many fat people overheating… and they are fat because they eat ALL the fucken food.


What?  You don’t believe me?  It’s what the UN said.

Yeah.  Whatever.  Start walking…






  1. Thank goodness you are ok.

    I feel for your neighbors. My parents lost their house to a fire in March and it is a very devastating event, more than you can realize until you go through it or walk through it with someone.

    For Charley’s horses, get more potassium. Bananas if you like them are the best. Eat one or two before bed and it should help the horses stay in their own pasture.

    And I agree, my eating ice cream last night would not have changed a single life in Africa or South America. They need to get over themselves, the issues are so much deeper than that. The next thing they will say is that obese people (and unfortunately that is my category) are responsible for global warming because our combined weights have shifted the globe off its natural axis or some shit like that.

  2. Oooh, you hit the nail on the head! It IS our larger size that has shifted the Earth’s axis to such a state that it is causing TEH GLOBAL WARMINGSES!!!!!1!!111!!

    -Time to go make a banner and tell the world!

    (Also have to make a movie for the cash, a book… for the cash, start taking donations to my cause…cash…)

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