Posted by: ~KC~ | June 6, 2008


Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on… 

Some feel the heat and decide that they can’t go on…

~ Robert Palmer, ‘Some Like It Hot’ lyrics


I grew up hating my hair.  I grew up embarrassed because I had a fro and I was constantly teased because of my hair.  In my mid-twenties, after several years of finally getting it to grow long (to my waist), I cut it all off again… and chemically straightened my naturally curly hair.


And I hated it.

I cried.

And cried some more.

For many months.

I cried.


All I wanted was my curly hair back.  I have never wanted anything more than at that time.  And I have come to LOVE my curly hair.  That was 8 years ago.  It’s taken me a long time to get ride of the damage I did to my hair when I chemically straightened it.  And having a very tight ringlet… it’s hard to grow it long.  You don’t realize how long it is until you blow dry it straight.  And then it’s more than double the length it is when curly.  And – I have a lot of hair.  A lot.


Now… having curly hair is a blessing on many levels.  But it is a curse during humid summer days.  Especially in SW Ontario… where the humidex runs high on a daily basis.  That’s when the loose bun on top of the head or pony tail becomes your best friend.  Otherwise… you end up looking like a bad version of Diana Ross in the 70’s and cousin to Buckwheat.


Today is one of those days.  I left home for work today – it was all nicely put together – all cutesy and shinny.  Walked out my front door and BAM!!


I never walk around outdoors in the summer time without my supply of hair bands.  And I’ve given up on even trying to make my hair silky soft and supple.  I have a tremendous amount of hair.  I get heat stroke easily if not careful… and I am careful (in case a certain someone from THIS site decides to not read the entire post and use me as an example without putting all the facts out there before making a mockery of me.  I wish I knew how to remove an unauthorized link to my post because I would… Apparently I am not as open minded as she asks her readers to be… but I digress)


The humidex today makes it feel like it’s in the 40’ºC (110ºF ++) but add in the thickness of the air that you can cut with a knife… and it makes one hell of a day.  Having thick curly hair… is hell.  But it’s even worst for those who have health problems.


My dad is struggling with this weather.  He isn’t acclimatized to it yet.  And I worry about him.  I don’t like to see him struggle to catch his breath and get chest pains that aren’t going away.  And I worry about having asked him to move here with me – for this reason only.  Being in an old Century home – we don’t have central air.  Fans have become our best friends.  And I will be putting in a window air conditioning unit in his bedroom to make sure the man can breathe and have a room where it is safe for him to be in.  His chest pains have become more intense this past week with the increase in humidity in the air.  And the air is stale… immobile.  There is virtually no circulation … and it’s VERY hard on him.  I have warned him that nothing is worth it right now that can’t wait.  If he needs to just do NOTHING today so that he can breathe… then he will have to do nothing.  But we could be visiting the hospital if this keeps up… I believe that to be inevitable.  I’m just dreading it.


Yes.  Today the humidex is high.  Higher than it has been all week.  A week full of rain… and living in a very moist and fertile part of the country (between two Great Lakes), SW Ontario is very humid.  Period.  On a regular basis.  Today is the first of many high humidex days.  In fact, it’s now dangerous high – warnings have been issued for our elderly to not exert themselves, keep cool and drink lots of water.  To move is to sweat profusely.  I think we should all heed this warning.


And for the superficial aspects of my complex personality… to move, to walk, to go outside… gives way for a very bad hair day.  I’m glad it’s Friday.  But don’t ask me to have a good hair day.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not for the rest of the summer.



  1. OT – But good luck this morning. Everyone should have a great new exciting job!

  2. I can understand about the humidity doing a number on your hair. You got your hair down to your waist with curls? The longest I let mine get, about my shoulder blades when straightened, was still about shoulder length when curly. Sucks Ouidad wouldn’t send you a sample. I hope your fight against the heat goes well, and you dad’s health doest get worse.

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