Posted by: ~KC~ | June 7, 2008

Race Relations

This cartoon couldn’t be any closer to the truth (not just in the US but also in Canada)… but if people expect that it will get better with Obama in office, I think they are deceiving themselves. It’s already very questionable the people he has in his camp, his advisors, his former pastors and mentors… the idea that race will not be the center point of every decision made by this could-be President, is absurd. It’s frightening honestly.

So far – he hasn’t offered up solutions – just beautifully polished speeches. And honestly – they are great. No doubt about it. They tickle the ears of the listener, filling them with hope… and that’s just about it. No action plan. But do American’s want 4 years of words… or do they want 4 years of action? Don’t read this the wrong way – in no way shape or form do I want to see McCain in office. Hell no. I had hoped Hillary would have made it in office – at least she had a plan and had the balls to fight, a hard fight. Americans need that in a leader. The world needs to see that in America as well.

So I question… where the hell are the Independents in this race?? No one can seem to answer that question – which leads me to believe – there are none. Where are the Ross Perot’s of this race? I believe American’s have the right to another choice… that it cannot be one evil vs. another. Either way – this Presidential race is full of history making, first timers. And it is exciting… but the ramifications of the choices are just downright petrifying.

In the end… whichever person is elected President of the United States… will have their hands tied for a long time… and to reverse the damage done with two terms with the current administration in power. Four years is not enough to rewrite history… but it is long enough to change the course of the world… Not necessarily in the right way either.

Call me a pessimist but the war in Iraq will not be undone in this next Presidency – and I say this certainly NOT because I support it. But the damage done by going into Iraq will take years to make stable again… as what was done created a very volatile environment and the world pays for it. And it will take years to rectify. Add to the ever growing unrealistic ‘Obama-Messiah’ freak show that is fueling European nations and the radicals living in the US – if you think it will be a Change … becareful what you ask for. You jut might get it… and it dosesn’t always looks like what you had hoped it to be. WE can all be deceived by words.



  1. It does not matter who people vote for her in America. The electorial vote is the one that wins the President. Everyone could vote for a Ross Perot and he would not win because the party would not let them win.
    The President is just a figure head. The Senate and Congress are the ones that run the country. Hillary and Obama are both part of that system and they have not fixed anything. Hillary lied about giving everyone health insurance when Bill ran. Than never happened. Oh and my regular blog is on Blogger, not wordpress.

  2. Eh, I actually liked having Bush in office. I mean, seems like a nice guy, has a kick-ass ranch and two pretty hot party girl daughters. He also did the war thing (my personal favorite) and because of that I got to see some pretty neat stuff. So let’s lead this into a more personal level and keep it away from the annals of the political process that so many tend to focus on.

    The war created jobs in the defense industry, an industry I was a part of. Kudos number one – I got paid because of something that was initiated by the current administration as a response to an attack on our soil.

    The war occurred in foreign lands, so I got to see them. Kudos number two – I love to travel and get paid for it, and I got both.

    I was getting tired of illegals commtting crime in my city, and after the big push by ICE they scattered like the wind, substantially lowering the local crime rate. Kudos number three – ICE has increased in size during this current administration, so I can leave my house and be relatively at ease that all of my stuff will be there when I get back.

    Mom and Dad were worried about the inheritance tax (i.e. “Death Tax”) if they passed and want to leave me their things without having to put half of it up for auction. With the modification of the ceiling of the inheritance tax they are clear. Kudos mnumber four – the current administration eliminated one of my parent’s worries.

    I really could care less about the other stuff. Doing so will hurt my brain and waste what little time I have on this planet.

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