Posted by: ~KC~ | June 18, 2008

Official Ban on Smoking in Cars Carrying Children

So it’s official.

It is now illegal to smoke in a vehicle while carrying passengers under the age of 16. It is simply illegal to smoke in a vehicle – either as a passenger or driver – where there are children under the age of 16 present. You will be faced with a fine for each offence of $250 CDN. It is still waiting royal assent before becoming law.

Ontario is the third province to adopt this legislature in Canada, after Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

So here are some quick facts one should know about this ban:

  • Any person – driver or passenger – in the motor vehicle, who is smoking while someone else under the age of 16 is present, is committing an offence. The person holding lighted tobacco would be subject to a fine.
  • Every person who fails to comply with the new law is guilty of an offence and subject to a set fine of $250.
  • The law applies to both moving and stationary vehicles and applies to all motor vehicles, regardless of whether any window, sunroof, rooftop, door, or other feature of the vehicle is open.

The first time I wrote about it… was here and then again here

And while I’m not necessarily sold on the idea of banning Power Walls (of which I wrote about here) – displays of cigarette to be now hidden but the power walls of junk food and candy bars aren’t… – I am very pleased that this law is in effect, making parents a little more conscious of their actions. Children did not ask to be exposed to cigarette smoke and its harmful effects, therefore, I believe a law such as this that protects them – is necessary. I would love to see a ban on all cigarettes.PERIOD. – however, it is infringing on personal choices and freedoms … and well, I am not a fan of that.



  1. I was exposed to a 4pk/day smoker for my childhood and carted from doctor to doctor to find out why my asthma sucked ass so bad. This tends to build up resentment. I’m torn between freedoms and potential harms. Don’t ask me why, I just am, in spite of the past.

    By the way, KC, I hereby give thee summons to a meme. Cry, ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war! (take no prisoners, either)

  2. I approve. I have a son with a high cigarette smoke allergy and his soon to be stepmom smokes in the car around him, with the excuse the windows are down. It is sad when I look back at how the X had been fierce about no smoking around WT for years and then allows this.

  3. I agree people shouldn’t smoke in the car with their kids, I remember how much I hated being in the backseat when my dad did growing up. I hate that we have to resort to legislating it. Then again I guess some people won’t change.

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