Posted by: ~KC~ | June 27, 2008


Change in plans.

I don’t know when common courtesy went out of fashion… but apparently it did. I don’t understand and I feel very hurt… confused… and extremely disappointed. I should have known better… but I didn’t. I suppose that is what happens when you believe words. What hurts and disappoints me the most is the manner in which it was done. No heads up. No calls. No messages. Nothing. Not just for me. But everyone else involved – the few who did make the trip to meet this person – who was a no show. I guess I have mud on my face… yet again. Nothing like pacing an airport for 2.5 fucken hours looking for someone who wasn’t even on the fucken plane – and didn’t have the decency to give me the heads up he cancelled his trip. Oh yes… I believe him now. He told me he was an asshole… but I wouldn’t listen. I’m listening now.

I won’t let this ruin my weekend. Hell no. No way. Besides – what doesn’t help heal hurt feelings than good food, good booze and good music? Exactly – we have the Opa! Festival going on locally and I plan on making good on that. Very few things in my world beat good Greek food and festivities… And I have a few local plans… the sting still remains… but cooler heads will prevail and perhaps a budding friendship might actually be salvaged… despite his assholeness. Far from impressed – time heals a lot of things. And I plan on making time work for me… not the other way around… Besides – why let one asshole ruin a whole long weekend full of Canadian festivities and the possibilities of adventure – right? Right.



  1. Totally fucking rude. Asshole doesn’t cover it. However, I am happy to see that you aren’t letting him ruin the weekend. So, eat lots of yummy Greek food, drink lots of yummy booze and OPA!!! to you my sweet KC!!


  2. Thanks hon. I needed that!!!

  3. I had a sort-of boyfriend do this to me once. I say sort-of, since he also forgot to tell me he was married, so really, he was just an @$$hole all around.

    He told me he would meet me for dinner with my parents. Never called that day and never showed up. I found out about his wife about a month or two later.

    So sorry this happened to you. And to not call when you have someone picking you up at an airport? Ugh.

  4. Thanks RC… I would like to think that no – he doesn’t have a wife – rather, give him the benefit of the doubt and wait. MAYBE, just maybe – there is a valid reason… but I truly and honestly don’t know. He is avoiding me like the plague and none of his friends are returning any of my messages… and his father, whom I called out of concern when he was a no show at the airport – wanting to make sure nothing bad had happened to him – was no help whatsoever. Very flippant about it as well which upset me even more. But I do want to clarify something – he was not a boyfriend – nor a romantic interest. He was a friend – someone whom I held a very special place in my heart for – and thought the world of. I hold friendship high on my totem pole of priorities and love doesn’t come without friendship first and foremost. BUT He changed that… and continues to do so with his silence. It’s his doing – not mine – because THIS isn’t what I want.

    Time will tell if I have mud on my face or not – but I will tell you this much – I know I kept my word. I kept my promise. I showed up. I was present. I was THERE.

    And right now – that’s all I have. I bare him no ill will – but I am still hurt, confused and angry.

  5. […] July 1, 2008 It’s Like The Crop Circles In My Head… Posted by ~KC~ under Canada | Tags: Canada |   It was a great long-weekend for food.  Dear lord… Greek, Mexican, Chinese and German/Bavarian foods gallour… It was fabulous.  Add in a little retail therapy (OK… a lot of retail therapy) and it made for a decent weekend, in spite of the weather and the rough start to my long weekend… […]

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