Posted by: ~KC~ | June 28, 2008

Amazing Grace ~ Wintley Phipps

…Son… if the mountain was smooth – you couldn’t climb it…

Ain’t that the truth…

This is by far the one song that truly soothes my soul… allows me to feel good and remember why I’m here – for we are all connected, in spite of our humanness. And this man, Wintley Phipps – well, he sings it in a manner that breaks down all barriers and makes a believer out of a non-believer… And today – you don’t have to be Christain or anything… but be moved by the power of song… and a melody that is powerful and healing – all because of a few black notes…

So I just have to share this with you all. It came to me via email and is posted also on this blog…and I’m sure is out there in more than one place.

***WARNING – You may require tissues for this one***

Amazing Grace – Just the black notes
Did you know of the pentatonic scale (5 notes) and the history of Amazing Grace?  I knew of the scale and the lyricist but not of the piano black keys as the basic notes of Negro spirituals.  Enjoy, this is so BEAUTIFUL!!



  1. KC, I love that song. I had watched the Amazing Grace movie and a book about it this spring after my grandmothers death. I had found that video as well when we looked up Chris Tomlins version to sing at her funeral. He added back in some of the original verses and add the chorus

    My chains are gone,
    I’ve been set free,
    My God, My savior has ransomed me
    and like a flood his mercy reigns,
    Amazing love, amazing grace.

    I believe that song with all my heart and just today, God’s grace saw me through another potential storm. I know you have your own issues with religion, so I don’t mean to preach, it just moved me. Thanks!

  2. This song supersedes religion my dear… it speaks to the salvation of the soul… for some its found in religion and others in love. Either way… it is a trumendously moving song… and I needed that yesterday.

    If what saves you is your belief in God and his grace… then hon… BELIEVE it! Don’t let the likes of me skew that for you… and rejoice in it. And I will rejoice in it for you.

  3. Everyday is a lesson, I feel enlightened.

  4. 🙂
    I’m happy for you Tim!

  5. Ok… you are hereby required to post a “1”, “2” or “3” Kleenex guide to ensure that your readers are not caught unawares in the midst of a tear-welling.
    And we thank you for your cooperation.

  6. I know eh???
    I never thought about that but I have a big ol box of tissues sitting by my computer and used them plenty when I got this…

    Powerful eh?
    OK… DONE!

  7. Beautiful! (That is truly all I can say – it has always been one of my favorite hymns…)

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