Posted by: ~KC~ | July 8, 2008

Small Steps….

July 08, 2008 for Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)

It’s easy to stay true to your goals in life right now because you’re having so much fun pursuing them! Who knew that working toward your dream could involve so much laughter and friendship? Just because there’s a smile on your face doesn’t mean you’re not working your head off, so don’t you dare feel guilty for having such a good time when some of your friends are struggling. Your path is one you have created for yourself. You are reaping what you have sown.

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I’m hopeful.


The résumé that I spent 4 days revamping is finally starting to pay off.

It’s getting attention.

And it’s good attention.


This coming Thursday evening, I have an interview.  It’ll be a phone interview since it’s an out-of-town position and the potential employer understands the logistics and gas prices.  Still within the province and country, and right up my alley of interests and expertise.  It’s out of the Defence industry and into IT… an industry that is still exploding in spite of recent economic hardships.


I’m still pursuing all options.  Thanks to the ‘friend’ who stood me up at the airport, he gave me the kick in the ass that I needed to get serious about taking control back.  He opened up the doors to an insane amount of jobs opportunities.  And so I thank him for that.  I have also revamped my narrow-minded ideas about geographies and instead, started looking at the end goal rather than how I get there (of course, not at the expense of others).


It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve become absolutely complacent and my career ‘self-esteem’ took a long time beating.  Now – I have to overcome – myself.  And as the saying goes – we are our own worst enemies.  But my friend gave me hope and put me on the path to restoring my faith and belief in myself.  He showed me the way, cheered me on… provided assistance where he could but it’s up to me to keep going and make the magic happen.  Not him.  Perhaps that was his only purpose afterall in my life.  Time will tell.


It’s been 8-9 years since I’ve really had to look for new employment opportunities.  What was acceptable back then… certainly isn’t now.  My résumé left much to be desired – at least presentation wise.  It was once a kick-ass curriculum vitae… but after a less than stellar and harsh meeting with a headhunter… it was time to sell myself differently.  And I had to change how I sold myself and THAT isn’t easy.  The headhunter ultimately destroyed my ego and whatever belief I had left in myself.  She was ruthless – I was pissed off.  My résumé was outdated.  I was outdated.  And in a world where paper speaks more than skills – I had to show them both what I have on paper and in skills.


I’m still not 100% comfortable with it… because it is such a departure from how it once was done.  But I’m starting to see the rewards of the change… which is ever so slowly ‘fertalizing’ my faith and belief in myself and abilities.  And I am in the process of writing out my dream job… what I want in a career opportunity.  I am to put it out to the universe and focus my energies on it… believe in it… and the laws of attraction will make it happen.  I know this because it happened rather quickly with my house.  I put it out there… and within weeks – I got almost exactly what I asked for.  Almost eerily… in spite of nay-sayers.


And I know I will have to knock on 200 doors before one will open and listen and even maybe only on the 300th one I will offered something in line with what I’m seeking.  I know that.  And I won’t give up.  But I’m keeping the faith that interest is starting to come my way… and I believe that the ideal position for me… is right around the corner.


It is what it is… until it is more or less.  And right now… it is more than what I have right now… hope… and the first step in the right direction.



  1. Good luck!

  2. Yes… good luck!!!!

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