Posted by: ~KC~ | July 10, 2008

‘Nuff Already…

July 10, 2008 for Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)

Now is an excellent time to take stock of where you are — and where you want to go in one of your personal relationships. Things have been complicated lately, and they need to be addressed. So seek the quieter path right now and give yourself time to replay the events of the past few days in your head. If you are feeling introspective and moody, just go with it — it’s the perfect frame of mind for figuring out what this person really means to you.


Come on dammit… I just want a break from this whole situation.  I want my cards (Tarot) to speak of someone different for a change – like me.  I resent that my readings have been commandeered by a particular person and I am having to decipher between HIS immature issues so that I can get answers to the questions I am asking direction on.  I have better things to deal with at the moment than someone who albeit served a wonderful purpose for a short period of time – was rude and ignorant enough to…


Awh fuck it.  I’m tired of rehashing this bullshit.  I don’t hate the guy but I resent the hell out of him at the moment.  For someone whom I never met… he sure has taken over so many aspects of my life that I am really getting pissy about.  I resent him for that.  In fact, today – despite being grateful for his help – I strongly dislike him.  And today, I don’t want to care anymore… I want this last month debacle to be exactly where it belongs – in the past… in fact, I’d rather have it swept under the rug and trampled on for a while.  I’m tired of being nice about it.  It’s been bullshit.


Can I get my life back and have my cards be about me for a change?  I put enough attention where it didn’t belong… I’m closing that door.  ‘Nuff already.  I know what that person means to me now… and it is abundantly clear where I stand with this person as well.  So… I say… Fuck Y’all (not all of you… but a certain few).  I’m done.  No more.  I’ve said what I wanted to say to him gracefully this morning… but only a mere few hours later… I am feeling much less graceful.


Thank god the monstrosity of the last few weeks will be done soon enough… it’s only a matter of days now… The tidal waves of emotion isn’t for me anymore – not where it’s not warranted.  I’m grateful for his generosity… but when it came right down to it… a leopard doesn’t change his spots.

Free Will Astrology horoscope for Sagittarius:

“Dear Flow Meister: I’ve been surfing the tidal waves of emotion for many days, and am proud to say I haven’t wiped out once (though here were two near-misses). But to tell you the truth, I don’t know how much longer I can perform this balancing act. How much stamina can one person have? Do you psychically see signs that I’ll reach shore anytime soon? -Wobbly Surfer.”


Dear Wobbly: I predict an end to your trials by Wednesday, July 23 — or earlier if you, too, become a flow meister.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Now for anyone interested in learning a little bit more about the timeline leading up to the war in Iraq… you might want to check out Lemur King’s recent blog posting.  And although I still think it’s the biggest bullshit war ever… this shed a slightly different shade of shitty brown over the entire situation.  It is informative… and not an issue of Conservative/Republican vs. Liberal/Democratic points of view – at least not in my opinion. 


And lately… I have been rather opinionated.  I make no apologies for it either.  I’m tired of apologizing.  Read his post… it’s informative and he’s pretty good at giving accurate information.  Make up your own mind and if brave enough – blog about it and link back to his place.  A good healthy debate isn’t a bad thing.



  1. Whew. When I saw the “don’t hate but resent the guy” stuff I jumped the gun and thought it was *me*. I’m an asshole but I try not to be *that* bad.

    You touched on what I appreciated about the essay – it was written as a historian would write it (because he is one, I guess). It was factual enough that it transcends ideology, mostly. Not completely, because history is written by the victor, so there is some bias in every bit of history you will ever read.

    And you have no reason to apologize for your opinion – as long as you are convinced that what you know is truth, you’re golden. It’s when folks won’t back down or retract even when they cannot help but recognize error that I get twitchy. 🙂 DPUD nailed me a few weeks back and I removed that post so quick your head would swim. I was actually glad that he took the time to point it out rather than let me spread bullshit as if it were true-fact information.

    Debate is great. There’s really only two or three topics which I will not engage in a debate over (so far) but let’s save those for another day.

  2. @ LK – LOL… not you at t’all Lemur King!! You have given me absolutely NO reason whatsoever to feel this way towards you. We are all assholes at best… but some live and breathe is like its a way of life and think its funny – at the expense of others.

    And I’m tired of that. Silence has been maintained from the other party. Which I suppose is even more immature but absolutely feeding my discontent towards him and the rest of them. And I think I just need to get pissed off (which I am… LOL) to be able to walk away and let it be what it was… nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Until such time as an explanation is provided (which I will not hold my breath for)… I cannot help but be biased. For if I wronged him, I did so unknowingly, without being given the opportunity to mend the said wrong done. So the history is one sided, certainly.

    As far as my opinion – I have never been one to not accept responsibility for my own ignorance. If facts come along that prove me wrong, I will admit to my ignorance and reconsider things. That is who I am, and I want to always remain that way. DPUD did a good thing… although, had you not mentioned it, I would not have known any better!!!

    I prefer conversations over debates… but as long as its done with respect… then a debate can be healthy… at best.

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