Posted by: ~KC~ | July 11, 2008

Saturday Musical Express

A new series in the Midday Escapes… The Saturday Musical Express.

Whatever I feel like sharing… you will get to hear… From the old to the new – from heavy to popish to the unusual.

And I’ve chosen to start it off with Aussie bluzie singer Gabriella Cilmi’sSweet About Me”… introduced to me by T I M but brings me straight over to my amazing friend ‘Daisy’…

Cause there’s always lessons to be learned… right??

~ ♫ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♫ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♫ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♫ ~ • ~ ♪



  1. Ooo… I like this a lot! Thanks for introducing me! (And I wish I looked like her.)

  2. You and I in so in sync musically. I’ve loved everything you’ve either mentioned or played! I went searching for Robbie Robertson yesterday after I saw his mention… is Fallen Angel a new collaboration he did with PG or is that the original version? The song I heard yesterday off of iTunes is just gorgeous!

  3. You’re welcome. 😉

  4. @ HB…. I don’t believe it is a NEW compilation with PG… but I too love it – the combination of both their voices is outstanding! Glad you like this project!

    @ RC… enjoy!! She is awesome isn’t she!!!

    @T I M… you rock man!! I love your musical tastes!!! You’re opening up a whole new market of songs and styles for this one!

  5. Oh I know her! Aussie lady from Italy!

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