Posted by: ~KC~ | July 11, 2008

Woo Hoo…

When your mp3 player spews forth at 7am (to be sitting at my desk, and actually TRULY working, at 7am – this is early for me folk and a feat in itselfs) music from OneRepublic Stop n Stare to next jump to Ozzy’s No More Tears, only to have it jump to Paula Abdul & Randy Jackson’s new hit Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow… and then back to LA Gun’s The Ballad of Jayne… and skip right over to Paul Van Dyck’s Let Go … you know its gonna be a good day!!!  I’m grooving in my 3.5 cubical gray walled work space… at 7am… dear god… !!!


To be all over the place like this… well can only mean one thing: expect the unexpected today.  And that’s not such a bad thing for a Friday!  Other than the fact that I chocked on tar so-called ‘coffee’… and I am NOT a coffee drinker… but apparently the only thing that wakes one up to be semi-functional at that time of day… at work… is tar coffee.  My heart is racing a gazillion miles a minute (amateur tar drinker over here) … and I have the giggles from what is spewing forth at 7am.


I had a great interview yesterday evening.  In fact, I excelled.  She was really excited and called me a star.  Yes.  Me.  A star.  What a boost to my ego.  It’s what I needed.  Turns out she is a headhunter but was interviewing me for a specific position for a major company in Toronto, and it went extremely well.  Sadly, the position pays less than what I make now… and it’s like asking someone to live in New York City for $25,000 a year (btw… that’s not the salary… its just an example).  Could it be done – probably.  Is it my choice… hmmm… not really.  So she is going in with what I would accept as a salary… who knows – if you don’t ask, you will never know.  Ideally – I am looking at going out West… in fact, that is where I am concentrating my energies on these past few weeks.  Although the idea of going overseas is exciting – I have concluded that I can get exposure to the desired industry right here in my own country, where PCO/PM expertise (my background) is in demand and greatly required.  So tweaking my résumé furthermore was required… only to further amplify my skills and abilities… things that I simply, just… DO… what I take for granted as a day to day thing… had to be highlighted as important.


I am getting the boost that I needed.  The right people are coming in at the right time and the wrong people have left at the right time as well.  The cards spoke to me and me only last night (YEAH)… giving me encouragement and solidifying that my decisions, goals and plans are indeed wise.  Timeframes have been given and I have more reassurance and guidance to work towards to now.  And with my own perseverance and determination… a touchdown is definitely in sight.  (OK… I’m getting antsy for some NFL… I need a Pat’s fix and soon!!).


Now if you’ll excuse me… I have some Peter Gabriel/Robbie Robertson Fallen Angel to listen to at the moment… and I need to keep being productive… before the tar wears off and my lack of sleep catches up with me…  Oh… and play the hand that life dealt yeah… eventually the bluffing will work in your favour… cause it’s not all for nothing… (had to echo a little Fallen Angel lyric here… just had too)



  1. I think I’ve found my long lost sister-LA Guns, Ozzy and One Republic all on one mp3!! You rock my friend!!

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