Posted by: ~KC~ | July 15, 2008


I wrote about the lack of accountability.  Here

I wrote about my disappointment in our Federal Court system when they ordered the Immigration and Refugee board to take another look at the claim of American Army deserters, specifically at the time of Robin Long.  He says he felt he had no other choice but to enlist because he came from a lower-class family and didn’t have access to adequate health care and education…   He deserted because he said the US Army wanted him to participate in what he called an ‘illegal war of aggression in Iraq.’

Long voluntarily joined the army, was not deployed to Iraq and did not apply to be recognized as a conscientious objector while in the US.  There was no evidence submitted by Long as to what he would be required to do in Iraq, whether he could have requested an alternative assignment or even what would happen if he was sent back to the US.

Consequently, he sought refuge in Canada in 2005, and has claimed he would be ‘singled out for harsh treatment by the Americans because of the publicity associated with his case,’ if returned to the US.

Today… the Federal Court of Canada Justice Anne Mactavish said here

…Long did not provide clear and convincing evidence that he will suffer irreparable harm if he is returned to the United States.

Mactavish notes that the percentage of American military deserters who are prosecuted for desertion has increased since 2002.

But she says the evidence also suggests that the vast majority of American deserters were not prosecuted let alone jailed for desertion.

Between 2002 and 2006, the judge says evidence before her suggests that about 94 per cent of U.S. deserters were dealt with administratively, “merely receiving a less than honourable discharge from the military.

And now Robin Long is… shocked?? Shocked that he’ll have to be accountable for his actions and that Canada isn’t the refuge for military volunteers who’ve deserted?  Shocked. Seriously?

Long will be deported and returned for Fort Knox, held in detention and court-martialed.  He’s one of several U.S. army deserters who have claimed refugee status in Canada (50 or so while some claim hundreds are underground).

For more reports read here and here.

None of the claims has been successful.  It is believed that Long is the first US army deserter who sought refuge in Canada to be deported



  1. We all need to be accountable, so I’m glad Canada is sending him back.

    I could say more, but I won’t – it would be a long, rambling complaint.

  2. A-men. I’m so relieved to hear the ruling on this one. Thank you Justice Mactavish for your ruling and thank you for making this man (and I’m using the term loosely) accountable.

    I am going to follow the above’s suit and not comment further as I have way too much to say on this subject!

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