Posted by: ~KC~ | July 18, 2008

Not That Bad…

Here you go RC… you can breath a sigh of relief… we ain’t that scary – you can come visit – just stay away from places like Labrador, NWT and the Yukon.


Seriously – we ain’t that bad!!!  A little whacked sometimes… but then again – aren’t we all?

By The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – Canada’s national crime rate fell in 2007 for the third straight year, with declines in everything from homicides and gun crimes to minor property offences, says a new report.

Statistics Canada says the seven per cent drop in the national crime rate was led by falling counterfeiting offences and theft under $5,000, including fewer break-ins and stolen cars. Robbery committed with a firearm declined 12 per cent from the previous year, hitting its lowest point in three decades.

The numbers fly in the face of popular media and political messaging, which portrays crime across Canada as rising in both volume and ferocity.

Statistics Canada reports there were fewer serious violent offences such as homicides, attempted murders, sexual assaults and robberies last year.

Police reported 594 murders, down slightly from 606 in 2006, following a long-term downward trend that began in the mid-1970s.

Serious assaults, including those with a weapon, basically stayed unchanged in 2007 after rising in each of the previous seven years.

The overall crime rate among youth aged 12 to 17 tapered off slightly in 2007 after rising the year before, as non-violent offences fell and violent crime remained stable.

Violent youth crime is one trouble spot in the Canadian record. It has been increasing steadily over the last two decades, said Statistics Canada, and the rate in 2007 was “more than double that reported in the mid-1980s.”

Crime rates were down in all provinces and territories, except Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. Overall crime rates remained highest in the western provinces.

Saskatchewan’s crime rate fell 3.5 per cent but still was the highest in the country, including the highest rate of violent crime. Manitoba’s 62 homicides last year were up 23 from 2006, giving it the highest provincial homicide rate and Manitoba’s highest murder rate since recording began in 1961.

“For the fourth year in a row, the lowest provincial (crime) rate occurred in Ontario and Quebec,” said the agency.

Statistics Canada did not speculate on the causes of Canada’s overall decline in crime rates but criminologists and demographers believe an aging population is a significant factor.



  1. At least I’ll feel safe. I just may leave my child at home, though, so I don’t end up in court for grounding him (or in the case of his age – giving him a time-out!). Yes, I’m an evil mom who believes there are consequences for wrong actions…

  2. I am not a mom… but I do believe there are consequences for bad actions as well.

    Just stay away from Québec.
    The food is AMAZING there… but it might be safest.

  3. Can I come visit?! I’ll leave the country in one piece, I promise! 😉

  4. Come!! Please!!!
    It’ll be a blast!!!

  5. very cute

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