Posted by: ~KC~ | July 19, 2008

Saturday Musical Express

Oh baby… be still my beating heart!!

Introducing the incredibly talented Canadian Rock band Jonas… that blows Canadian bands like Nickelback (albeit good…) clear outta the water!!

This is pure, unadulterated good ROCK. Not heavy metal… not pop… ROCK.

Pure Canadian ROCK.

Yeah Baby.

Lead singer Jonas Tamalty and Corey Diabo on lead guitar… a lethal – deadly – sinful combination – and they deserve any and all exposure! Of course – I am bias on many levels:

  • Stamped with the maple leaf… these boys are Canadian – from La Belle Province Québec, Montreal & surrounding area… oozing in raw talent that the likes of Aerosmith and Van Halen seek out.
  • I had a MAJOR crush on Corey growing up. I knew him when he was a budding guitar player – with unleashed talent back in the day. I interviewed him for an English music essay I had to do for grade 9 English. I was his first interview. He gave me a cassette (audio devices used back in the day before CD’s in case some of you youngins don’t know what they are) of his version of “Mustang Sally” that I played for the class. My very first ‘musical’ orgasm experience. My brother befriended him more so than I did… but his talent and musical fingers… still can give me that musical orgasm… over and over and over again… oh yah!
  • These guys really really really ROCK… and know how to take down a house… The whole band is EXCELLENT!!!

The pic: left: Jonas Tamalty, middle: Me – KC; and right: Corey Diabo – taken in February 2008 when they opened up for Collective Soul, on their last show.

~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~ ♪ ~ • ~

So here you go… its pure Canadian rock … Jonas with “Burn the House Down”… Turn it up… it’s worth it!



  1. lol no i didn’t recognize you by the rant- i saw that pic and i was all like holy cow…how funny! anyways, glad you worked through that- those guys are both hot.

  2. Well look @ you Mrs Diabo. 🙂

  3. LOL… I think that the real Mrs. Diabo might take issue with that!!! But he is cute eh?
    Total Rocker! The real deal – and GENUINELY nice guy. Hard to find that combo these days!

  4. […] Not only is he incredibly hot… his voice is smooth and far reaching.  He’s right up there with my favourite Canadian rockers – Jonas (whom I wrote about here…) […]

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