Posted by: ~KC~ | July 19, 2008

You Make Me Sick.

YES.  I’m pissed – and I said what I wanted to say.  In private via email… and in this original but now editted blog posting.  One that I am only editting because someone whom I’ve started to read and rather enjoy reading his blog is under attack.  So I am going to snap out of this shit. And stop it.  I did an immature thing – and now I need to grow up.

It’s done.  It’s over.  Life moves on.  I am bitter – fuck yeah.  I have my reasons of which were not all written online,nor will they.  The past is the past.  And I don’t want innocent people getting attacked.  If I did this to DPUD – then in no way do I want it to continue.  Its said and done.  And I’m sick of wasting energy where it never belonged in the first place. And good people should not be attacked at my expense when the issue truly lies between myself and the other said person.  And in time.. who knows – maybe we can all laugh at this one day.  Like I said – who knows. But I draw the line now.  Its between me and the other person… and no one else.

For this reason and this reason only – I am modifying the content of this blog posting – out of respect for people and myself.  Because if you want others to respect you… you have to respect yourself first.



  1. holey shit I KNOW YOU from spaces right? I’m JANE! How the hell? funny how life is…and I’m sorry about what happened to you. That sucks- but it’s not always bad – I married my date- so once in a while there is a happy ending- you just gotta learn to trust your own instincts. peace out- I’m over at

  2. LOL… yes Jane – I was once blogging in Spaces!! Dear lord… you recognized me from this post??? Scarry!

    The thing is… I didn’t meet him online dating… he found me here… Doesn’t matter.
    Until you meet someone face to face – don’t believe a word of what is said online.

    Well… I will be checking you out in your ‘new digs’… this blogging world is much smaller than it first appears!!!

  3. So sorry you are dealing with this. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been crapped on by enough idiots in my previous life and I sympathize.

    Take care!

  4. It sounds as if this guy is deserving of every bit of your wrath. Karma’s a bitch, and she’s got a long memory.


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