Posted by: ~KC~ | July 21, 2008


Notes from the Universe…

Some folks, not having lived perhaps as much as you, endured as much, or loved as much, simply cannot see the truth of a situation, disagreement, or relationship as clearly as you. And so, it’s wise to keep in mind, KC, that it’s not their fault.


Can you see this?
The Universe


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What does Lynyrd Skynyrd, rainstorms and fireflies have in common?  My weekend.


In spite of some pretty incredibly frustrating circumstances – it was time to say fuckit! and get out and have a good time.  It’s been non-stop for me.  All work and no play.  Being focused on what I want doesn’t leave much room for fun and play.  And insanity sets in.


So when extended family called me up and said… having a pool party this Saturday – come on down!  I said fuckit! and made an appearance.  Pool party, band, illusionist (who was a no-show unfortunately), booze, food, people… certainly couldn’t spell out disaster…


Well… it WASN’T a disaster honestly.  Talk to the hosts and they feel like it was a flop.  It wasn’t!  It was awesome!  If we could have done it, we’d have built Noah’s ark to party in.  Dear lord!  After a few false starts because of the intermittent torrential downpours – the classic rock band “Red Leaf” finally got to play… only to have the cops show up to shut the band down.  The new neighbours (who had moved in that very same day right next door and who didn’t get an invite) didn’t take too kindly to a blarring rock band playing late into the night… So, in the middle of rainstorms, dancing in the mud, mud fights, fireflies, insane amounts of mesquitos, lotsa booze – I managed to forget the shit that has been the last month.


At around ll pm – the humidity was so thick – it made it hard to breathe and I was drenched.   A few of us decided it was time to go for a swim.  In jumped a few partiers fully clothed… and I got shoved in full force by someone who was pissed off that her boyfriend was flirting with me just a little too much for her comfort.  With no change of clothes… one could say there were a few more bare asses on display than at a strip joint.  The water felt amazing!  From the pool to the hot tub… the party went on well into the night… with the only admonishment from the cops to keep the noise level to a min – no more band it was after 11 – don’t drink and drive and have a great time.


The morning after… well there were well over 45 mestiquo bites – a few on my ass, in spite of repellent – its super nice and sexy to walk around scratching my ass … this is what it must feel like to be a man I suppose…  My best friend who I brought along (she hadn’t been out in MONTHS because she is a new mom) was trashed … and had black outs that I had to fill in… and she really wasn’t feeling all that well.  My night was pretty restless because I had drank one too many Rev’s – so the dreams were pretty funky – and my butt cheeks were itchy.  I mean a few Revs (tastes like an electric popsicle… energy drink that contains guarana)… a few Stella Artois… shots of something pretty nasty… it’s bound to do some funky things to you…


It was fun.  I needed it.

No idiot men to fuck up my night.

A few tried.  That was funny… but hell no.

It’s gonna be a very long hiatus from men – it’s not worth the bullshit and time they think is funny … besides – they never know what they want until its too fucken late.  And no – you got a girl… you got a wife – I’m not gonna suck you off… let alone kiss you.  Drop dead asswhipe!  Ugh.

Bunch of pigs – oh and if you don’t put out… or offer to put out… apparently you got nothing to offer.  I learned that recently.  You need to be a ho in order to be in the consideration… Nice eh?

Fuckit.  Seriously!


So regardless of stupid men, it was nice to not think about jobs, moving, relocating, taking care of my dad (who showed up for a few drinks since it’s family) and just being ME.  The goofball that was laughing until it hurt… had everyone laughing… who danced in the rain when everyone hide so as to not get wet…  It felt good to be ME again.


The weekend shed some light for me on a few truths that I really didn’t want to see before.  Some about me… some about others.  Perspective was gained… dancing to Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hendrix in the rain with fireflies… allows one to stop and see things ever so differently…


And I’ve got to change a few things… but let me tell you… the bullshit of this last month is my fuel to get the next month… right.  And this past weekend was my cue to walk away from what no longer serves a purpose.  I got shoved in the pool… but dammit – it felt really good.


You know what I mean? 



  1. I probably would have been highly pissed off if someone shoved me in the pool with malice. That would have at minimum resulted in serious dunkage. Other than that… sounds like my kinda party. 😉

  2. If it wasn’t because I was already soaked and my hands where slippery – she was coming in with me. LOL… I got even HB… don’tcha worry – she got more than a mouthful of water a few times over not too long after the shove.

    We talked later on afterwards – and we’re cool. I didn’t do anything to bring that on – and she recognized that.

    And yes – it was a fun party!!! I think I’m still slightly pruny from playing in all that water that long!

  3. Ooo… I haven’t been shoved into a pool in ages. A graduation party way back when. Good times, good times…

    The Hubby loves Stella Artois, so it is so funny that you mentioned it.

    Glad you managed to have a good weekend despite the total @$$b@g$ that do exist out there.

  4. Sounds like an eventful weekend, but glad you’re in good spirits. 🙂

  5. Awh Tim… life is too short to not be… and besides – when sweet hearts like you are around – how can I not be?

  6. a little LS can certainly bring a change in perspective. i am so glad you got that opportunity to get some of the drudgery out of your system. i know how hard it’s been lately and that shift of energy seems to be just what you needed.


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