Posted by: ~KC~ | July 24, 2008

Watch It Now…

Sorry guys – haven’t been posting much these days other than this Youtube stuff.

We’ve had a very wet week – low pressures causing me pain.  Been fighting a few days of sinus pains/migraines.  It hasn’t been all that fun.  But a coworker (who almost got into trouble for showing me this by someone who thought his actions were inappropriate – but I didn’t take it as such… difusing the situation… ugh) who is very knowledgeable of Reflexology – showed me the two pressure points on my feet to relieve this sinus pain, which happen to be very very tender at the moment… wonder why…??  I will be using the technique when I got home… although having someone else massage my feet would be much more effective and enjoyable – me thinks.  I was gonna get my ears ‘candled’ but I am skeptical of its effectivity.   I’ll try Reflexology first.


I will be back to my regular scheduling soon enough… the weather tides are apparently about to change, which will give me great relief.


Till then, enjoy these Youtube thingys…

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  1. Thwack! OUCH!!!

    I am extremely impatient by nature. This wait is driving me nuts.

  2. Ooo… I have migraine issues, too. So sorry you are having issues with them right now!

  3. I hope you feel better quickly. That vid was precious, especially liked by my almost 15 year old who is declaring it now unsafe to go outside.

    I’m BAAAACCCKK!!!!

  4. Imagine a world without YouTube.

    Me neither. 🙂

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