Posted by: ~KC~ | July 28, 2008

Oh Happy Day…

The only way to get what you really want, is to know what you really want.

And the only way to know what you really want, is to know yourself.

And the only way to know yourself, is to be yourself.

And the only way to be yourself, KC, is to listen to your heart.

I do,
The Universe


~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~ • ~ ☼ ~


There’s been a theme… a reoccurring theme these days… swirling all around me.  And it’s been very difficult to ignore… and honestly – these days – I don’t want to ignore it!


I am stoked.

I mean beyond excited!

I am sooo freakin giddy it’s almost frightening… but it’s not!



My life is swinging back around… I feel the upswing and it’s the pick me upper that I needed.  I’ve had some concerns about selling the house – I mean fear is powerful.  It can destroy a perfectly good thing for no good reason.  So I had an honest one-on-one conversation with my dad… telling him that although these are my dreams – the fact that he’s in it for the ride – I need him to get on board… and to start being positive about these things.  It’s OK to be a healthy skeptic… but positive thinking will make the world of difference.  Belief that WE can do this… that his DREAM of living the rest of his life in the West Coast… can and will become REAL.  I reminded him of the Laws of Attraction… and if he wants to make his dream come true (regardless of how many times before he failed to make it real)… then he needs to get on board with me and keep the positive energy flowing.  I told him that he may have failed in the past to be able to make it happen for himself… but these are my dreams – which align with his hopes and dreams – and in order to REALLY facilitate this process – he needs to keep his mind focused as well.  He said – OK.  I will.


And that he has been doing.

And it’s been powerful.

Together… we’re a force to be reckoned with.

I know it goes against his grain… his personal internal belief system…

But he believes in me… and has seen what my determination gets me.

And it will only benefit him to jump on board.


So… it was an awesome weekend on sooo many levels.

1)      We accomplished soo much in the backyard… finally completing the outside cosmetic repairs from the leaking foundation – which meant pushing back the concrete steps back up against the house – do you know how challenging that is to do without mechanical tools and hydralics???  Well we did, with his ingenuity and my help… those concrete steps are back up against the house and I can use the back door to my house for the first time since March!!! We also put up a portion of a privacy fency – making a HUGE difference in my backyard.  It has given me an additional 4ft – truly giving the illusion that my yard is bigger than it appears.  And at this point… the illusion is gonna go a long way in selling my house!  Oh… and my backyard doesn’t look so ghetto anymore… which was a hugely frustrating factor for me.

2)    Thanks to Daisy’s referral (she completely ROCKS guys), I have been provided with very specific information that will allow me to sell my house very quickly and get more money for it than my desired asking price.  It’s all about cosmic timing… and also aligns with my gut feeling has been telling me (or as the Notes from the Universe states… my heart feeling) – that is in spite of a softened local market.  This information has been a HUGE relief as it reaffirms for me that I can trust my instincts – as they won’t lead me astray.  AND – I have an appointment booked with this same person in the next while to discuss my future – Vedic System style… that excites me as well!!!

3)     Without spilling too many details or giving away my dreams… I started to share with a few friends what my desires are… what I am working towards and where I am going.  And I was greatly surprised at how receptive a few of them have been.  I am being very cautious with this because my friends have a tendency to rain on people’s parade if it could potentially mean… they will loose you.  And right about now – I am surrounding myself with solutions and positivity.


I just feel it in my bones that everything is coming together.  I don’t have too many solid leads on a job out West as of yet… but like most of my previous experiences – it will come fast and furiously… (I’ve decided to truly… GO WEST… and focus my attention on Vancouver rather than Calgary or Edmonton.  The latter, although very viable choices simply didn’t feel right.  But in my heart of hearts… Vancouver feels like the place I am supposed to end up.  There are a few very good Defense/Military manufacturing companies out there that could benefit from my existing Defense/Military Industry experience)  I have made my list… which I called “My Job”, outlining what I want in a ‘new position’, what I want to accomplish and very key requirements.  I don’t doubt for an instant that it will come to be… as outlined.


For some … all of the above might be idiotic. 

Over the top.

Oh well.

Not to me.

I feel sooo jazzed right now – that I am all smiles… and actually enjoying my day – yes – a Monday AND even sitting in my 3.5 gray carpeted cubicle walls… doing what I do… because I know – it is now only a matter of time.  And I want to enjoy my time here while I can.  And I need to revel in this burst of happiness this while it lasts… which I’m hoping that it is the start of many joyful things.

I’m too happy inside to let it be anything less…



  1. Glad you have a plan and it is in action. I wish you all the best!

  2. You know you can’t accomplish things if you don’t try. Another reason to get off my butt. Thanks for the boost.

  3. Sah.weet!

    Vancouver is uber-close! That would be awesome. Then we’d finally meet!

    I have friends in Maple Ridge that I would be tickled to hook you up with, if you need help of any sort.

    Hubby works in aeronautics and I have other connections in the defense/military industry – friends coming to stay with us this weekend, in fact. He works as a VP in the Greater TO area…so e-mail me at and let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll dig up some contacts. Another friend works at Transport Canada in Vancouver, so anyhoo, any help you need job hunting, let’s put our Facebook contacts together and to work!

    Good luck on the house – and let me know if you want me to ship you good ole St. Joe…you can bury him in your backyard and get top dollar for your house!

    Whatever kind of divining works, dahlink!

  4. you are doing it!!! and it’s going to be great. looking forward to hearing this next chapter.

  5. Wow you are selling your house. I have sold several houses. Just keep it clean all the time. Don’t have clutter in the kitchen and clean the stove, including the oven. When I was looking for a house to buy I hated dirty houses and most of them didn’t even clean their stoves. I think that is why I bought a new house. With your positive attitude you will do it.

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