Posted by: ~KC~ | August 1, 2008


Firstly… check out the Moonsurfing E-Zine for today’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse.

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Can we talk about BIG signs?

In my books, there are no true coincidences.

This one gives me the goose bumps…because it’s THAT good!


So let me preface, set the scene if you would like…


I was born in BC.

My mother is buried in BC.

She passed away on November 1, 1978

My father’s dreams for many years have been to move to Vancouver to live, and wanted to go there before he dies (although he had resigned himself to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen and made peace with that).

Canadians are renown for our EH?


When my father moved to live with me last October, he was issued new provincial plates for his vehicle – with a new license plate number of….


BCEH 111


We never put much stock into the number… we giggled when he got it… BC, EH??  It didn’t dawn on us it was a sign of what is to become.  We giggled because of our connection the province of BC.


Then last night, my father mentioned to me that the numbers on his plate were a sign that he will probably be in Vancouver, BC by 11/1 (November 1).  To which I reminded him of something… that was a very important date for us… it is the anniversary of my mother’s passing, exactly 30 years ago to that date.


He teared up.

I was grinning from ear to ear… my heart racing because I understood what is in motion is the RIGHT thing… not some foolish pipe dream.  And my mom is coming along for the ride.


Once again… the signs are there.

They’ve been there for almost a year now.

We just didn’t know.

And it’s really cool… how my mother found a way to let us know… she’s helping us make this happen.


We saw the sign.

It was subtle… not obvious.

But it’s there.

In the license plate of my father’s vehicle.


How freakin cool is that????

Gotta love it when the universe comes together and makes the rain dance for you!


(Borrowed picture of Granville St. Bridge and Burrard Street Bridge, English Bay – Vancouver BC)



  1. I like it when signs seem to point me in the right direction. They give me confidence. Glad you found some signs for your journey!

  2. How interesting. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out, that would be cool.

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