Posted by: ~KC~ | August 4, 2008

Another Musical Meme’s

It appears that I am a sucka for Meme’s… so why not. When seen on Jane’s place – I thought I’d give it a shot. Why not??? These make great fillers on them days where figuring out what to post comes with the utmost difficulty… or you have a day off work (like today… LOL!!)

So list  at least five ‘power songs’ on your MP3 player/iPod and why you consider them your Power Songs. No judgments please??!!!

1. Double Dutch Bus (Frankie Smith) I love a great funk/disco/dance song. This one has all the perfect elements of just great dancing and it puts a BIG smile on my face. It gets me going for real! It doesn’t have the HARD core beats but you can’t help but want to grove with the Double Dutch Man… (I feel the same way about this song as I do about the Atomic Dog by George Clinton (funky dogs… nasty dogs!!!) … but truly prefer Double Dutch Bus)

2. Boogie Shoes (KC & the Sunshine Band) – when I want to get into the mood for a fun night out on the town… This song comes out… along with #1. Apparently – I like my disco/funky grooves… I want to put on my my my my boogie shoes & just boogie wit you

3. Like a Prayer (Madonna) What is it about this song that makes me just want to get up and dance… get going… do something – I just can’t sit still!!! From the original to extended remixes – this song has a way of getting me going. … I wanna take you there

4. Magalena (Sergio Mendez) Now… this baby got back… and I can wiggle & jiggle it like no one’s business… making grown men giggle like little sissy girls… And this song is all about the wiggles & jiggles – Samba style… I LOVE this song – not sure what’s it about… but I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

5. Just Dance (Lady Gaga ft. Colby O’Donis) … a newer dance hit – one that I am often snucked upon at work just boppin’ to in my seat at work. Just Dance… gonna be OK…

*bonus track*
Starry Eyed Surprise
(Paul Oakenfeld) To me this is the quintessential summer song… the kind that makes you want to put on the roller blades and just glide/bop around… ‘cus we gonna dance all night, dance all night to this DJ… ‘cause all we are victims of fun!

Oh la la… here’s my list of musical guilty pleasures.


I love disco/dance beats.

They get me going.

And other kinds of music – keep me going.

So if you haven’t done this, do it!

If you have, hope you enjoyed it… and it’s OK if you want to laugh a little…



  1. No judgment from me… I have some Shakira songs on my iPod. We don’t talk about them, but they get me moving!

  2. RC, there’s no shame whatsoever in liking a bit of Shakira, no shame at all. 🙂

    KC, next time I’m at the bar I’ll see if they have Magalena on the jukebox. 😉

  3. Freaky!!! I just heard Boogie Shoes earlier. I haven’t heard that song in ages….

  4. Oh!! And I did end up picking up some sunburn gel stuff with Lidocaine. My shoulders were so thankful that they almost cried with relief! 😉

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