Posted by: ~KC~ | August 6, 2008

It’s One of THOSE Days…

Your Horoscope for August 06, 2008 Sagittarius (11/22-12/21)

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, laughter is the best medicine! Your life could use a little more humor to lighten your mood and put you into a better frame of mind, so seek out some fun. Your first stop should be the video store — check out your past favorites and grab a couple new comedies, too. Call up some friends and host a zany movie night. There’s nothing like silly slapstick or even gross-out humor to help you take life a little less seriously — for a while, at least.

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Today – I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

In fact – I am one cranky bitch.

I’m exhausted.

I’m frustrated.

I’m pissed off.

And I just want to get going.

The above combination isn’t conducive to a good working atmosphere. And although I didn’t bite my father’s head off this morning – he could tell it was best to simply to keep a safe distance from me… and let me be.

I’m exhausted. There aren’t enough hours in a night for me to sleep.

I’m exhausted when I come home from work… and until the 22Aug08 when I put my house up for sale… there is more work to be done when I get home from work.

So far, this is what we’ve accomplished… in no particular order:

  • Re-pointed the house (fixed much of the missing mortar from the bricks – big gaps allows cold/hot air to enter the house… and rodents)
  • The foundation repairs are ongoing – I believe the last of the repairs were last night. We can now get to framing and drywall the section of the basement that had the most damage.
  • Replaced all galvanize plumbing with copper pipes. We now have water pressure in the house. Nothing like Chinese water-torture for a shower in the morning.
  • Painting. Lots of painting. ¾ of the front deck is completed (I got rained out for two days so I couldn’t finish it). Priming the antiquated colour scheme that the previous homeowners so idiotically chose… has already made a difference. I am now moving to prime the 1980’s Burgundy ceiling, walls & framing bathroom… It’s not gonna be easy. Next will be my 1990’s Forest Green with tacky Tex-Mex border bedroom. At least there – the frame & ceiling are white (but now you understand why I haven’t seen any action in that room… ).

What’s left to do:

  • Bathroom in the basement – my father destroyed the existing two-piece bathroom – and now we have to finish it. He wants to make it into a full 4 piece w/jetted tub & shower head, mirroring the main bathroom on the second floor. We have everything to do it… just need the time.
  • Steam clean carpets in basement and staircase
  • Fresh coat of paint… everywhere (finish what’s not done… and that’s a lot)
  • Refinish the oak floors throughout the main floor (I’m not touching the second floor)
  • Fix the rotted floor in the covered porch & paint
  • Fix the rotted cedar planks on the outside of the house & paint.
  • Garage sale
  • Stage the house
  • Sell the house

I would love to say that my ‘friends’ are jumping on the band-wagon to help out… as many have offered to do. LOL… yeah. No. Suddenly they aren’t available or answering calls. Whatever. Right now – between my frustrations with finding/lining up a job in Vancouver (they all tell me to contact them when I get to Vancouver… and then they’ll see what they can do for me), my so-called friends AND being exhausted – today is a cranky assed bitch day.

There are days when my faith is challenged… I question whether or not I can do this. Today is one of those days. I don’t question why I want/must do this… but I question – CAN I DO THIS…??

I’ve been reminded that I’ve done this before. In fact, I had two weeks to find a new apartment in a new city several hours away, pack, move and start a new job. And I did it.

I’ve been reminded that I’ve crossed Canada-moved before… without a job, without a place to stay, without knowing anyone. And I did it.

And although it’s been many years since those last two big & fast-paced moves … I’ve been reminded that it’s like riding a bike… you never forget. You might be wobbly… and your ass will hurt at first – in fact, EVERYTHING will hurt at first … that is until you find your groove again.

But right now… I want to sleep.

I want to not be at work.

I want to sleep.

I need to sleep.

But apparently… one really only sleeps when they are 6’under… and I’ve got too many things to do before that shit happens.

I think today will be drinking a cup-o-tar day.

I’m gonna need it if I am going to survive this chaos.



  1. I’d be there with ya scraping and painting if I could, distance and knee surgeries aside. 🙂 But you know what… I say embrace the bitchiness. Sometimes it can help you stay focused and on task.

  2. @ Elizabeth – Thanks hon!! You recover!!! And damn straight I’m embracing being a bitch. It keeps the morons at bay (excluding my dad… in that statement)…

  3. So sorry I can’t come help – distance is an issue, especially with the price of fuel and the care of Little Dude.

    I’m excellent at staging houses, it turns out. One of my talents.

    Try to meditate for about 5-10 minutes. It may help you focus and get out of the mood. It also may help you before you try and sleep at night.

  4. RC is right. Make sure you take at least 5-10 minutes a day out for yourself or you could end up like I did a few weeks ago! You’ll do this-you *are* doing this. And yes, it is like riding a bike. Downhill. With no brakes. But it’s a long straight shot and it’s flat at the other end.

  5. Did I promise to come around to help painting & decorating? Well the good news is I’m free this weekend, just gimme a call. 😉

    Hope all goes swimmingly & I’ve heard many a good things about Vancouver.

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