Posted by: ~KC~ | August 7, 2008

Paris Hilton for President…???

What’s almost scary is that I actually think that whomever wrote this script for her… made her sound like she knew what she was talking about… AND I would have almost stopped and paid attention to her! She is making a VERY valid point… and almost even scarier is that I would (if I could) vote for someone who shares her views on the existing Energy crisis.

‘Cuz like… it’s totally hawt…

I got this from here… who then got it from here

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. I stopped paying attention to this chick and those like her a long time ago. But… for the sake of fairness I actually watched this “ad”. I thought the “solution” was pretty spot on (high fives to the person who penned that part), but otherwise she was just pandering to those who do nothing but buy her hair extensions and read gossip rags all day.
    Can you tell that I don’t like her? 😉

  2. The McCain campaign shot themselves in the foot there by targeting that hand that feeds them, not that he’s going to win anyway, so she gets my vote.

    Needless to say the last time I unintentionally saw a Paris Hilton video online it was way different to this one. 🙂

  3. Mhh… we still don’t know if she said what she actually thinks or what somebody else told her to say… but she seems to be ready to lead… It is just something I don’ believe in anyway!!!

    @Hummynbird: In Italy there’s a contest called MISS ITALIA in which the most beautiful girl in Italy is elected year after year, needless to say it’s all fake… anyway… when the contest is over, at the first interview made to the winner the question sounds more or less like this: “What is your strongest desire?” and the answer goes EVERY TIME like this: “The peace in the world”… so you see… they’re all the same.

    @KC: been away for a while, same comment on the Avanoo.

    @tim… I think I’ve seen somehting similiar!!!


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