Posted by: ~KC~ | August 8, 2008

The Egg

Don’t ask me why.

I can’t explain it.

But it just feels natural.

In the palm of my hand… the most natural feeling of all…


An Egg.



To me… the most perfect feeling, perfect fitting, gentle yet protective… in the palm of my hand is that of an Egg.


I love that feeling.

Hold such a fragile object – one that could either hold life or nourishment… And yet its symmetry is the most natural shape in the world.  It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.  Its shell is strong enough to protect what it holds so precious… and yet, fragile enough that it will crack when dropped.


Sure I prefer the brown egg over the white egg.  Its esthetics really – there’s no known additional nutritional value in a brown egg that doesn’t already exist in a white one.

I know.

But it’s more esthetically pleasant.

To me.


I collect eggs.

I have a collection of hand-painted African Soap Stone Eggs.

I collect egg-shaped crystals.

There is something so incredibly nurturing and safe about them.

It is beauty in simplicity… at its most natural state.


Don’t ask.

I can’t explain it.

I just wanted to share.

The next time you hold an egg – gently cradle it in the palm of your hand… and see – how it is the most natural shape in the world… fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.



  1. How lovely! Maybe you can post some pictures of your collection?

  2. I will try!
    I’ll have to unpack them… or simply wait until I can take them out again… and get to posing them!

  3. You just gave me a major case of the heebie jeebies describing taking out your own stitches. *shivers* 😉

  4. i like to hold bread dough.

  5. Actually, I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of holding an egg. They are just so perfectly formed…

  6. With a large collection of eggs, don’t you sometimes fear one day they’ll simultaneously hatch & you’ll wake up surrounded by chicklets, ostriches & a dodo all staring @ you? 😉

  7. I love eggs too. They’re delicious. I like to juggle eggs – there’s just something about having all that dangerously fragile pre-poultry flying around 😉

    Some while back I bought a pair of ostrich egg shells with the thought of carving and painting them up. Those things are insanely hard though. Even diamond coated bits have a hard time making any headway. Hmm. Maybe I should pick up a couple emu and rhea eggs and see if those are any easier to work with.

  8. OMG I collect eggs too. I prefer the rock eggs that have been shaped. I love the patterns in the colorations that emerge. There is something magical about the shape and design of an egg.

    Glad to know another egg geek.

  9. I find myself cradling them in my hand just prior to cracking them and making a Denver omelette. Sorry for the irreverence KC, but they’re tasty. You *know* that I’m into food. It’s what I am. 🙂

    I have a wooden egg that belonged to my mother and I took it home with me when we came back from vacation. I’ll pic it and post it when I get the opportunity.

  10. Eggish pics have been posted. Not the best pics but it’s not the best camera and I didn’t have a lot of desk space.


    (remove the spaces betwixt the // and the lemurking to obtain a workable link)

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