Posted by: ~KC~ | August 15, 2008

Insanity. Truly Insane.


A few weeks back, I went to visit a very dear friend of mine, who lives out of town. We hadn’t seen each other in a very long time… and we had some catching up to do.

What I love the most about Rochelle is that we can go for a very long time apart, living our lives, but it is like we never parted. When she lets you into her heart, you are there forever. She is pretty amazing that way. ANYHOW…

We get caught up on life events… I share my news with her. And although she is sad, she agrees it’s time and it’s the best decision for me. And then she proceeds to say… You don’t want a big diamond ring when you get married right?

Huh? Whatchu talking about lady??? Where did this come from??? Whoa! My heart starts racing… more like pounding out of my chest… full blown anxiety attack coming on….

Describe to me the ring you want, when you get married… she demands.

Firstly, I tell her as I bobbed my head, waved my finger as she rolled her eyes and sighed, that’s IF I get married… and I’d have to find HIM first… and even then – you know how I feel about marriage!!! BUT… if I were ever insane enough to take that leap… I don’t want a huge honken diamond. I’d want a kind of wide anniversary band style ring… you know… with bagette diamonds in it… silver in colour – definitely not yellow gold… I said cautiously.

I KNEW IT!!! I knew that was the kind of ring you wanted – not yellow gold – but I see it like a bronze colour though…

Where the hell is this coming from Rochelle??? One minute we’re talking cutlery… and now you’re asking me about wedding rings??? Did having a baby suck out important brain cells??? Have you started drinking on the side?? Where’s your stash??? That’s it!!!

She threw the decorative sofa pillow at me and simple stated Just before you arrived, I was snoozing on the couch. And I wasn’t quite asleep but I was enough that I wasn’t here… you know? I nodded. Well just before you rang the doorbell… I saw you’re right hand – and I saw your wedding ring!!! It was as described!!! You’re going to get married when you move out West!!! And he’s super nice!!! It’s right around the corner KC… finally!!!

Finally???? WTF??? I simply stared at her. And blinked. Not daring to show any kind of emotions… for fear of encouraging her while eyeing up the place for empty Vodka bottles.

I didn’t see any. Damn.

Fast-forward to today.

I left work early today… a head start on my vacation (not really a vacation – I’m spending the week getting the house ready for sale, this coming Friday). I had to pick up my dad so that we can go to the paint store to pick up more supplies… and head to the drug store to get me some Gatorade.

I’ve been rather dehydrated these days and I needed to get some electrolytes into my system and pronto. All this painting is making me sweat profusely… depleting my system of hydration.

As we get out of my car, heading towards the drug store… my dad blurts out…

You’re going to have lots of babies.

My knees almost buckled. I felt sick to my stomach.

What the hell are you talking about?? Are you insane? You’ll be lucky if you get ONE grandchild out of me!!! And where the hell is this coming from… did you take your meds this morning??

(He only takes meds for his heart, kidneys, bloodpressure, arthritis and other stuff that I’m not sure for…)

He laughs. He thinks it’s funny. I don’t. I’m quite OK with not having any children. The family name is safe and secure… guaranteed to prosper with the next generation of boys my brother’s bore.

You’ve been single for a long time now. He states as a matter of fact.

Yes. I know. Thanks for sharing that with me and everyone in the drug store.

Well… you’ve been waiting to go home to have babies. When you get home… you will have babies. Lots of them. He concludes, as a matter of factly, grinning at me ear to ear… He seemed very pleased with his deduction about my fate.  I glare at him across the isle.

That’s it. We’re going to the hospital. There’s something wrong with you! Let’s go… no time to waste here, as I tried to usher him out of the store and into my car.


So what’s going on guys??

This is enough to make me want to reconsider this whole Moving out West!!!

Oh sure… I’d love to be in a loving relationship…

…but who said anything about marriage AND babies… ???? Let alone LOTS of babies… oh dear lord save me now.

What is it that people know that I don’t???

I’m not frightened by this move. In fact, it is perhaps the most amazingly peaceful decision I’ve made in a very long time. I’m not even concerned about the unknown factors. But then those closest to me throw in marriage and babies… and now …

I’m petrified!!!



  1. I think the Universe is trying to tell you something. 😉

  2. Just take it one day at a time. Just sell you house and let life happen. I didn’t have my son till I was 43. I didn’t think I would ever have a son. I went to a fortune teller once and she said I would have a son and marry a guy with a name that started with D. My husbands name is Doug.
    Go figure.

  3. Just so you know, Tim is a very good name for a boy when those little KCs start arriving. 🙂

  4. **giggle**

    Go forth – hope you have a beautiful marriage and that the kids treat you well! 😉

    As for names, if you could name one after your friend Rochelle, it wouldn’t be too far a cry from my name and I would be honored. 😉

  5. that’s pretty interesting. Before I moved back here from Memphis it was me who was tired of all the bullshit and I said to myself: i will find someone worth our while soon- i felt it. Go with it- who knows?

  6. I have been holding back my news, but you are going to have twins when you start having all of those babies. ;0

  7. @WILLOW: How evil of you to say – ugh!!! Dear lord help us all if that EVER happens…

  8. Honey if I can survive twins, anyone can. I wasn’t even sure I wanted kids ever. I’m the least likely mother material type person you will ever meet.

    But you have a little time before this happens.

  9. Yeah, maybe you will have them all at once or adopt a gaggle of orphans. This all sounds so exciting, scary stuff can turn out so fun.

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