Posted by: ~KC~ | August 16, 2008

Saturday Musical Express

Jarvis Church… born in Jamaica but moved to Toronto, Canada in 1980. His first musical experience was when he went to a Bob Marley ‘One Love’ concert in Jamaica… in 1977. That’s where he discovered the healing powers of music, at a time where there were strong feuding political factions in Jamaica.

As lead singer of the Philosopher Kings, he grew in success and became renowned for his unique gerne of pop music. He also opened up his own production company called Track and Field Production, with Brian West. In 1998 at a talent show called Honey Jam, he discovered Nelly Furtado and helped produce her first album. That was their first work in producing an unsigned female artist.

He had a few solo albums, which were all very culturally rich and diverse. His philosophy on music:

Music is best meant to inspire. I definitely think it is the emotional reaction that music gives you and that could strictly just be the feeling of wanting to dance, or it could be the feeling of wanting to cry, or being happy or just whatever it is. The music has to get through to you and have some sort of real connection.

So here is one of his latest hits….

“Whole Day Long” ~ Jarvis Church



  1. This song brings to mind tropical breezes, warm sand beneath my toes, and a crystal blue horizon. *sigh*

  2. Jamming’

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