Posted by: ~KC~ | August 18, 2008

Gone Fishing….

The sign is on the door…

OK… so no.

I’m not gone fishing.

In fact, I don’t fish.

But I digress.

I’m on ‘vacation’ this week… if you want to call it that.

We’ve (my father and I) been bustin ass all weekend – pretty much non-stop, painting, fixing, adding, removing, cursing, laughing, aching… the house. Getting it ready for this coming Friday.

On 22Aug08 at 4:06pm – it goes on the market.

Yes that specific.

And I’ll tell you why later.

Not today.

But it’s that specific.

And I have faith… it’ll work.

So forgive my lack of blogging over the next few days…

I am around but busy busting it out.

I’ve got things to do… so that I can have places to see… and live.

I’ll let y’all know when and if I caught a big one…

Fingers & toes crossed that it happens by next week!!!

(I should be back to blogging before then… I hope!!)



  1. You do what you need to do… we’ll wait. And we’ll try to be patient about it. 😉

  2. Happy house fixing/staging/selling! 🙂

  3. Go forth and, umm, prosper. No, I’m not a trekkie, but it works, right?

    Just do what you need to and take care!

  4. Don’t forget the bait. 😉

  5. You guys must be kicking butt on the house then.

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