Posted by: ~KC~ | August 24, 2008

Awwhh… shucks!

Big THANK YOU to RC for nominating me for this blog award… which btw… in all my years (and it’s been MANY) of blogging… this is my very FIRST award!! So thank you hon! I am very honoured!

I love reading RC’s blog because its life. Her little guy is freakin adorable… and she writes about life. She might be inspired by my recent undertaking… which I will blog about soon because there is sooo much more going on that I haven’t even blogged about yet… but I am impressed with her love of motherhood and keeping it real for her family. If you don’t already check her out… please do!!!

So the rules of this award is to nominate others from my blogroll… and dear lord… it’s not really fair to nominate some and not others… So rather… I will nominate them all!!!

Oh… I know… those are not the real rules of the award… but I will tell you a little about each of my blogroll and why I have them there…

Avanoo – this is an online community that totally rocks. I blogged about it here … and I still think that if you can or have the time to join this incredibly supportive community – you should! It truly is a place like no other I have ever encountered.

Carrotmob organizes consumers to make purchases that give financial rewards to those companies who agree to make environmentally friendly choices. Watching them in action is pretty cool… so if they organize something in your area… check it out… see if you can or want to make a difference.

Connie has been a loyal reader of my blog for quite some time now… in fact, she was around during my Windows Live days… and her beautiful kindness and heart keeps me reading her blog as well. She is a genuinely good person.

Daily Dollop is a newer addition to my blogroll. He’s also a contributor to another blog as DPUD (also on my blog roll). And although we really don’t see eye to eye on many political subjects… his writing at Daily Dollop keeps me giggling as he describes his family life… while living abroad somewhere in Europe.

Daisy is a fellow Avanite who was a huge inspiration to me… to follow my dream as she packed up her dog & cool as all heck daughter M – moved from AZ to SF to follow her dream as well. She’s in school at the moment so doesn’t blog regularly but she’s one hell of a chick… someone I totally respect and think the world of.

Elizabeth is another blast from the Windows Live past… she is a riot! I love her writing style and her sense of humour. I can’t wait until we can organize a girls-getaway Mexico border or something like it…

Enas is also a fairly new addition to my blogroll. It’s simple. I like the guy.

Now Holy Schmidt is one kick-ass Canadian living in Seattle. Also an Avanite… I knew her well before Avanoo or WP. She is also someone I met during my Windows Live blogging years and have followed her since. I love her writing… her mind is boggling… and someone I can’t wait to meet when I move out West!

Jane & I go back to Windows Live blogging days BUT we only reunited recently. She’s now Mrs. K to you.

Lemur King is a hodge podge of everything from the political to the strange to the cool & nifty gadgets that make even this chicky drool. And although we differ (greatly at times) on various topics… he’s a good guy who loves his wife and kids… works far too much and some I call a friend.

Life as a Hotfessional is also a newer addition to my list of Great Read Blogs. I came across her by ways of RC… and I liked it!!! I try to get back as often as I can… because one definitely needs to keep up on the comings & goings of the Jones…

Little Triggers… my Italian rocker and fellow Avanite. His blogs are first written in Italian and then followed by English. And he’s cute.

Mere… beautiful and stunning Mere. Fellow Avanite… great cheerleader and gorgeous to boot. She doesn’t blog nearly as much as she did… but I still go over there to check in on her… She’s awesome.

Mocha Momma… who doesn’t have her linked? I met her during my Windows Live blogging days and have been hooked ever since. She’s A.W.E.S.O.M.E. As simple as that. She’s a teacher/mother/writer/Vice Principal/role model/coffee loving Chicago’ean and stunningly gorgeous. Truly a package deal.

Rob is a former co-worker of mine… following his heart and dreams… travelling the world. He shares his adventures… whenever he can.

See Mike Draw is a kick ass cartoonist. Love his stuff.

White Hot Magik, aka Leucantha, also go back to Windows Live blogging days. A good woman, mother, friend and blogger… she shares her life and insights with us. I like her.

Willow I met thru Mere. She’s dealing with life after a divorce/separation. She also has some really great posts on interesting theology related topics… which is always fascinating to me. I like her too. She’s a keeper.

So there you have it. Each one of them deserve the award… afterall they are on my blogroll??!!! If I missed anyone – I’m terribly sorry… !!

(Tim – you have to have a blog to get on here… but you know I love you always – and I really do wish you would take up blogging again… I’ll give you a great BIG award for that!!!! I miss your writings!!!)



  1. Oh but we’re just alike, KC! C’mon, be honest, you’d vote for Reagan if you could…

    No, I didn’t think so.

    Congrats on the award and thanks for the kind words. I’m really not that nice, though. Think “A-S-S-HO-L-E!” and you’re closer to the truth. I have an image to uphold. 🙂

  2. As soon as my bosses stop googling me on the interweb, I’ll get round to writing regularly again at some point… probably.

    Congrats on your well deserved nomination by the way. 😉

  3. You deserve the award! And I’m so happy it made you happy!

    As for me keeping it real, I don’t know what else to do. This family stuff – it is harder than I thought it would be, especially since we rely on my income from working outside the home, too. Good grief – how do some moms manage?

    The rest that I blog – yep, that is just me rambling away…

    I love that you have introduced me to some new music, too. Keep it up!

  4. Why thanks lady! Now I have more blogs to go check out, whee!

  5. Yay! More places to visit and make friends! 🙂


  6. Oh, yeah, CONGRATS! 🙂

  7. Congrats my sweet KC!! I have missed you and your blog! xo

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