Posted by: ~KC~ | September 2, 2008


So why is this song playing when it’s not Saturday?

Today I have cause to celebrate. For many reasons. You might want to sit down for this one. It might scare the bejezzuz outta few of you… while others who’ve known the story will rejoice with me.

But let’s preface with this information first: In numerology, 9 represents the beginning and the end of all human experiences. 9 also attracts money and fortune.

OK so keep this in mind as you read the below post.

Today is officially the 9th anniversary that I have worked for this company. I was hired to start on this day back on the 9th month 2000… making this my 9th anniversary. I started as a contractor but was hired on full-time March 2002. Since then – they (as in the director of Finance and his managers as well as the THEN HR Manager) have told me I am worthless because I don’t have a university degree, I ought to look for a job outside the four walls of this company, accept a pay-cut because of my ‘lack of education‘ – making my life a living hell, often leaving me frustrated and in tears… also ending up on medical leave two years ago. Like a bad abusive relationship – I stayed because I thought I had no other option and my self-esteem & value has been at an all time low.

And on this day, the 9th anniversary, I have officially been fired. LOL!!! I love it! I have never been more excited… of course realistically – I have some trepidation. I am taking a big risk… but one that is worth taking. I am done with that place once and for all.

My father hurt himself during the renovations. It’s made him immobile and although back on his feet, I still have to be around for a while to make sure things get done. Apparently – I have used up all my Personal Emergency Leave time allotted under the Employment Equity Act… and was ordered to report to work … or else.

“Or else, you will face termination.”

Yeah. OK.

I am not being defiant. I am not quitting. I am simply not in a position to report back to work tomorrow as their ultimatum dictated. And as a result… I am being fired. And I’m not fighting it… yet. Of course – unless they try to screw me over in their severance pay… which I can tell by their wording they are attempting to put words in my mouth to use against me – so they don’t have to pay me severance. But I know my rights… and I’m not about to shoot myself in the foot.

So today – officially – I have been denied all access to the buildings. They told me they will pack my stuff for me… and I will report to security to hand in my badge and collect my plants and belongings. I won’t be shedding a tear. They’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do this and now they have it. They now no longer have to worry about having someone on their staff who doesn’t have a university degree and apparently nothing to offer.

But the world doesn’t share their views.

My trip to Vancouver – interview – went very well. I am expecting an offer any day. They are really excited about what I bring to the table. In fact, they indicated that I have skills that span across many areas that they have a need for and now must determine which area they feel I would be best suited for. It was a great trip – although I was without an umbrella (and it was raining), without proper walking shoes (had to buy some which hurt my feet even more), without a sweater and a belt where I almost lost my pants walking over for the interview. I love the place and saw so much … I can’t wait to see more of it and start my life.

I’m now having to exercise a lot of patience and faith that destiny is calling and the wheels of fortune are in full play mode. It’s a big risk I am taking – to take this route, not having an offer on my house (yet while away, we did get a viewing although they preferred a different house) nor an official offer yet from this company. The pit of my stomach says I will be OK. Be patient and have faith. But this is big. But I’m OK. And I know without a doubt… I will be OK. Just have to have faith. Lots of it. And not get into panic mode because that is when I make mistakes. I can’t afford to make mistakes right now.

I didn’t quit – they quit me. And I’m very OK with that.

So nothing is stopping me now from pursuing my dreams full force without interruptions. Nothing is going to stop me from taking care of my family first. Not anymore.

As the song says…

Nothing’s gonna break my stride… nothing’s gonna slow me down… I got to keep on moving!!



  1. In the states, we have “Family leave act”.
    Here is the link to read it.
    It says you can take off up to 12 weeks to take care of a parent. See if you have something like that in Canada. If you were here they can’t fire you for that.

  2. I hope you get to go somewhere where they can appreciate your talents and abilities, not the piece of paper hanging on the wall.

    I also don’t have a degree and it is hard to get great accounting jobs without it. But like I told the guy who hired me most recently, I have worked circles around degreed accountants and CPAs. I have natural skills and great experience and that should trump a piece of paper.

    Fingers crossed on the job offer!

  3. I think you want to hear congratulations, regarding the firing, so I’ll go with that!

    And the song (even though I can’t see the video right now, but know those words all too well) is one of my favorites! Good luck!

  4. Hopefully we will have congratulations to give you soon on your new job. You don’t need to be put down like that, so I hope this is for the best. Even if that job doesn’t work out, another one will.

  5. Whoa. I just caught up w/ you. Last few days = grueling.

    I’m sorry to hear that they put you in that spot but at the same time you’ve been making “go west young woman” noises for some time now.

    If you get it, you will LOVE Vancouver. I’m so envious I could retch. In case you are wondering, that is envious raised to the 2.718 power (base e). But you probably were not wondering that. Sorry. The life of a geek engineer is fraught with uncomfortable social situations like this one. Ahem…

    So anyway, keep posted, stay in touch. Good luck.

  6. 9 years & that’s how they treat you? It sounds like it was time to move on.

    Hope your dad is doing ok by the way. 😉

  7. So any updates??????

  8. I came back, as this didn’t look like the original version. And nope, I didn’t know this version – very upbeat… Like it.

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