Posted by: ~KC~ | September 10, 2008

Long Overdue Updates…

Sorry peeps.

I know I’ve been absent from blogging for a while now.

Just things are little less hectic but certainly not any less nerve wrecking …

So here are a few Updates.


I got full severance. In fact, they called it an Administrative Leave (i.e.: not a good fit for the position, after a whole 9 years of being there… LOL!!!) allowing me to qualify for Unemployment Insurance, where necessary. I get my full severance allowed to me under the law. There was no screwing me over. In fact, it was pretty seamless and it helped that I have a ‘friend’ in HR who handled my case.

So officially, as of 02Sep08, on my 9th anniversary, I am no longer a General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada employee. Now I can say who I used to work for. I didn’t shed a tear – after going there to pick up my belongings that my boss so ‘lovingly’ boxed up for me… I was a little choked up as I pulled out of the employee parking lot. I mean – it was after a full 8 years of this. Not all of it was bad – in fact, I used to be so excited to go into work. I had a GREAT boss and he made life at GD bearable and rather entertaining. Things changed… and now forever a closed chapter in my life. I will never forget my boss and he will forever be someone I will look out for whenever I can.

Granted, it is a little weird having all this free time on my hands (now) and I am getting a little antsy to get working again. Idle hands… you know?

And now onto the other topic… a new job.

The company that flew me out to Vancouver is now in the process of verifying my references and an offer is imminent. It’s been a little slow … but they are also in the process of hiring 50 people… so I know I’m not their only concern. But since it is my life, I am on top of them without making them wish they never met me.

Once I have a firm offer, I will let you know.

It is hard to look for places to live without having a job. I mean, it is possible… however, it is a whole lot easier to look for an apartment when you have a job to put down on applications.

The House

Well… we are officially 95% done with all the things we had to do.

We had an open house.

About 7 people came thru the house – of which, a couple was a friend of mine, another was the previous previous homeowners daughter (who lived in my house for 15 years) & her boyfriend. That leaves me with 3 interested parties.

Still no bites.

Now, the fall real estate ‘rush’ is going to pick up starting next week… so I believe things will pick up.

It’s been on the market now for officially 2.5 weeks.

I can’t been too impatient.

Had it been last year – this house wouldn’t still be on the market… but things have changed in a year.

My cards have shown me the sale will occur – end of summer, beginning of Fall – which is about 2 weeks away… give or take.

So… I’ll be patient.

It looks great – the MLS listing has been cleaned up (spelling mistakes) and new pictures have been added (click on the MORE)

It wasn’t easy but we got tones of work done. Only a small handful of ‘things’ need to be done, and honestly – there will be some that we simply – won’t.

I’m tired.

And I want a vacation.


I’ve been looking at flights for Vegas – a long weekend or something … Mexico – ‘cause gawd only knows I could use some hot sun… anywhere…

But it doesn’t look like its gonna happen.

Instead – I am pretty sure I will be packing up my car sometime next week… and making a road trip out of this move. I already have my mapped out route… and where possible – I’ll be stopping in to visit some friends along the way. Sadly – for my Southern friends – I am nowhere near y’all… so I can’t stop in… mind you, if you just so happen to be living along or near HWY 96/94/90 – let me know!!! It would be awesome to put a face to the name… and have a stretching break at the same time!!!

CAA (or in the US – AAA) has made this pretty simple actually… and now I am getting really antsy to just get going.

I do need to get out there to find a place to live!!!

This weekend consists of my reason for coming to SW Ontario in the first place… my nephew.

His 14th birthday.

LOL… I suppose it’s fitting for me to return to where it all started… coming full circle. I will miss the young man… he’s pretty freakin’ awesome. He really wants my ol’ skool Xbox & Halo (the original baby) game – so that will be his gift from his aunt KC. I look forward to when I can fly him out to visit… this time, having him come to me rather than the other way around.

I try not to stop & think about things.

When I do… I end up bawling.

As much as I am sooo ready for this change… I am also sad.

And if I stop to think about it much… I fear I will change my mind… and I don’t want that.

So I keep on… keeping on.

And trying not to neglect my friends… but it appears as though I am neglecting my most supportive friends – in blogsphere. I will do my best to not let that happen … again.



  1. Okay chica… You need to let me know where it is you are driving. You might be somewhat near me at some point, but that is all I will say on the public interwebz. Email me.

  2. I finally made it by to get an update. It has been a crazy week. Since you aren’t driving through my neck of the woods, I guess I’ll catch you later. (Just a joke KC, New Mexico is a wee bit more south than you mean, I know.)

    Here’s hoping the house sale happens soon!

  3. Hey – Just popping in, since we haven’t heard from you in a while, and I never got an email regarding when you would be through my area… Hope you are okay and provide an update soon!

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